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Friday letters – the mid July edition


Dear Ireland,  You certainly know how to put on a fantastic wedding celebration.  That’s the first time I have been to a wedding that lasted for four days!

Dear County Kerry,  What a beautiful part of the world you are.

Dear readers,  Sadly I am still very behind in my reading and commenting.  I am blaming the lovely trip to Ireland for that but now that we are home again I am hoping to do some catching up.

Dear pigeons,  Well, that’s it, there will be no more of you falling down our chimney after next week – we are getting a cover put on it.  Will you never learn?  Another one of you fell down yesterday, but this time I am a bit concerned that there is not going to be a happy ending because we haven’t heard any noises for about 18 hours now and nothing has appeared in the fireplace.

Dear Japanese anemones,  You are one of my all time favourite flowers and I am so happy to see that this year’s blooms are starting to appear.

Japanese anemone

Happy Friday everyone!


9 thoughts on “Friday letters – the mid July edition

  1. I hope we’ll see something of Kerry on here soon? And I also appear to have Japanese anemones growing – such a delight! I wonder what colour they will be 🙂

    • There will be a Kerry post, but who knows when! I have such a backlog of things to post! I am lucky enough to have two different Japanese anemones – the pink one, pictured, and a white one. They are the most marvellous plants, aren’t they, and they flower for so long.

  2. Poor pigeons. Hope you don’t get smoked pigeon smells in winter. That anemone is really gorgeous. A four-day wedding sounds like quite a celebration. Did they get married ar the beginning or at the end of the four days?

    • I have a feeling the pigeon has gone down the part of the chimney which goes into the unused fireplace, so hopefully no smoked pigeon smells! The wedding ceremony itself was on the third day, Saturday, but the festivities began on the Thursday afternoon and went on until well into the early hours of Monday morning.

  3. Kerry is gorgeous! I hope we’ll get to see photos?

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful week in Ireland. Maybe roast pigeon will on your dinner menu this weekend. Poor bird.

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