I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Carry on camping



In preparation for a camping trip with friends next weekend, we decided to pitch our borrowed tent in the garden, to make sure we knew what to do and didn’t turn up in a wet and windy field with no idea of where to start!  The instructions with the tent were not exactly comprehensive, or indeed helpful, and after a few failed attempts we resorted to YouTube where we found just what we needed – simple, visual assistance where we could watch someone pitch the tent from start to finish.  YouTube is a wonderful thing!


I hope you have a good Saturday, whatever you may be doing.


28 thoughts on “Carry on camping

  1. Happy Saturday, Elaine. I think tent manufacturers presume only people who regularly go camping use tents so they don’t need to provide instructions. I’d have never thought of using You Tube though! 😀

  2. Always good to have a trial before the real thing – hope you enjoy the camping!

  3. Such ingenuity! I never think of YouTube, but I often think of Snoopy 🙂 Super cute!

  4. The internet can show us how to do many things.

  5. A TeePee and a Wigwam went camping but they couldn’t enjoy themselves because the were too tense.

  6. Now the question is, will you remember by next weekend? Perhaps a couple more practices might be in order.

  7. My family used to go camping a lot when I was a child. The only time that hubby and I tried it, was a stormy and very windy night in Wales. The tent actually blew away. Never again! 😆

  8. I was at a wine festival which is always a great way to spend a Saturday 🙂 Enjoy camping!

  9. I always need instructions…so much easier!

  10. So impressed you had a dry run let alone used YouTube!

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