I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the Olympics edition


Dear August,  Already?  How did that happen?

Dear Olympics,  I can’t believe it is four years since you were here in London, and wherever we went we seemed to be enveloped in a fantastic carnival atmosphere.  The opening ceremony is tonight and it’s going to be interesting to see it after the magnificent spectacle of last time.

Dear Andy Murray,  Good luck –  both in the flag carrying, and your matches!  No pressure, but it would be nice if you could win gold again.

Dear fox,  I saw you – creeping into the garden from under the hedge, with your beady eye on all the birdsLuckily the birds sensed you and scarpered before you could pounce.

Dear TV weather forecasters,  I find it odd that you usually start your broadcast by telling us what weather we are either experiencing currently, or have just had.  We know that!  We have lived with it!   What we want is a forecast – a prediction, something that is telling us what is on its way, not what has already been!


Happy Friday everyone!


21 thoughts on “Friday letters – the Olympics edition

  1. I can’t believe the London Olympics was a whole 4 years ago! I’m not sure whether I’ll be watching this one. I probably won’t watch the opening ceremony since it’s on so late and I have a wedding to go to tomorrow.

  2. Good point about the weather forecasters. Where would you have been that you didn’t experience weather, locked in an underground room? However some people love the numbers, how cold or how hot were we so we can brag/complain about it. The Sydney Olympics were 16 years ago. I don’t usually bother but I did watch the opening ceremony that year fearing the worst and being pleasantly surprised by how good it was.

    • Actually I suppose I am interested to know what the temperature was the day before – for bragging/complaining rights, as you say! I wasn’t sure what the London Olympics ceremony was going to be like, so watching in trepidation, but it turned out to be fantastic! Last night’s was enjoyable, but in a completely different way.

  3. I hope, after all the bad press and disasters, the Olympics go well. Here it will be on TV all day and the opening ceremony starts at 6 am Saturday morning. I love the idea of synochronised sitting. I think I could be a gold medallist!

  4. And so I am! Synchronised sitting on a bus. Funny old Olympics this time. Good luck to all of them! X

  5. That is my kind of sport 🙂

  6. Love the cartoon. 🙂 Good luck to Andy Murray. He can do it!

  7. I’m another contender for the synchronised sitting. I’m a bit of a ‘why bother’ as far as the Olympics are concerned. I like the idea of sportsmen/women competing, but I still feel professionals shouldn’t take part. And I am totally against the amount of money spent on these things when so many people are still living in poverty. I know. I want a perfect world and there is probably no such thing. At least for the next week I shan’t be able to watch TV as the grand-kids arrive and too many people talking all the time!

    • I think we can definitely field quite a decent team for this synchronised sitting! Sorting out our training places might be hard but I am sure we could work on that.
      I agree with you about the professionals being in the Olympics, but it has been that way for so long now, that I had forgotten. Tut. I also agree about the amount of money that gets spent on things like this, however the arguments are that the money is recouped in tourism etc – which I find hard to believe.
      Good luck with the invasion of the grand children – hope you get fine weather to go out and explore the area.

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