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Weekly photo challenge: Forties Fun


Every year, the small Norfolk town of Sheringham holds a 1940s weekend.  People from far and wide travel in costume to enjoy the atmosphere and immerse themselves in the music, sights, sounds and activities of the time.

Most of the action takes place at the railway station.

The day was great fun.


The next photo, of the dog in the back seat of the car, is one of my favourites of the day.  It looked so serene as its chauffeur drove it around the town.


Weekly Photo Challenge


11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Forties Fun

  1. Wonderful fun. The dog in that beautiful car, really looks to the manner born. 🙂

  2. That dog is rocking it! Great shot.

    Last night, we watched The Royal Night Out ~ about Princess E & M celebrating VE day in 1945 by going “out and about” in London. Fun film.

  3. what a great treat. We’ve got a 1940s weekend coming up in September, will have to make sure we go

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  5. I love it that the whole town gets involved.

  6. Amazing, lovely shots!! 🙂
    Best regards from Cley next the sea,

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