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Friday letters – the second Olympics edition


Dear Olympics,  Once again, as happened four years ago, I have found myself watching far more sport in the space of a few days than in the previous four years put together!  I think what I like is that there is such a wide variety of things that I would not normally watch, and it’s nice to get a snapshot of so many different activities.  You were also a great way to spend the evenings with my mum – discussing the finer points of gymnastics, diving, tennis and especially the cycling from the velodrome.

Dear equestrian events,  Shouldn’t the horse also receive a medal?

Dear Andy Murray,  There were a few heart-in-the-mouth moments, but what a fantastic achievement to retain your Olympic gold medal for the men’s singles.

Dear Team GB,  Well done everyone – it’s been an amazing medal haul so far, and I think we might also be very high up in the ‘almost got one’ tables too.

Dear Rio,  It is such a shame that there are so many empty seats at most of the events, especially when I think about how hard it was to get a ticket for anything at the London games.  It was great, however, to see such a big turn-out lining the streets for the Triathlon.

Dear weather,  I’ve really enjoyed the last few days of warm sunshine, and I suppose I should accept that the grass needs the rain that’s arrived now, but it doesn’t need too much, thank you.


Happy Friday everyone!


13 thoughts on “Friday letters – the second Olympics edition

  1. We were just saying the other night that the horses deserve medals … and the podium should be extra large so the horses can stand on them too!

  2. Andy really came through with flying colours. So happy for him. Yes, the horses should all get medals too, or at the very least, a specially decorated commemorative feed bag. 🙂

  3. We had the TV on most nights, but I really only tuned in to watch Women’s Gymnastics. Loved seeing Simone Biles flying through the air with the greatest of ease!

  4. I have to confess to having the TV on all the time though I only stop and watch a view events, as you say it is nice to dip in now and then and watch something different. I did watch the entire women’s hockey match! Hockey was my sport at school and I was in the different teams all the way through until I left. I loved playing it. The cycling is addictive as is the rowing strangely, swimming, diving, the triathalon and of course the tennis. Even watched some taekwondo and I hate boxing etc. Still I will be glad when it is all over, I need a rest…

    • I agree with your last sentence – now that it’s over I’ve been glad to have a rest! I was exactly the same with the TV on a lot of the time and me popping in and out of the room to see what was going on. I didn’t really watch much of the hockey (although I played it at school too, but not in the school teams) but I think I missed some nailbiting moments.

  5. Here, the television coverage has been much better than in previous years. It used to be one free to air channel with just swimming and athletics but this time we have three free to air channels with a wide variety of events to see. It’s been great.

  6. Hurrah for the Olympics. It’s so true about the variety on offer, I was quite agog with the table tennis. I agree with you about the horses, they are splendid and I hope they get plenty of horsey treats afterwards.

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