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In my garden this summer


Just before the summer flowers fade away and disappear, here’s a quick look at what’s been flowering this month.

And finally a lupin seed pod, because I was too slow off the mark to get a photo of the lupin in flower (just one spike on it this year due to over enthusiastic slugs early on in the summer)

lupin seed pod

There were two disappointments this year – agapanthus and lavender.   My oldest agapanthus, a blue one, which usually grows beautifully and has about 25 flower spikes which last for weeks, produced half as many flowers as usual and they did not last very long at all.  Of my other two blue agapanthus plants, one didn’t manage to produce a single flower.  I have a three year old white agapanthus which I grew from bulbs and it did well, doubling its number of flowers from last year.  The lavender, which usually goes on for weeks and weeks and attracts all the bees in the vicinity, didn’t flower for very long at all which was a shame.  No doubt it is something to do with a wet spring/cold winter/early summer or the wrong number of days in the month.

How did your garden grow this year?


14 thoughts on “In my garden this summer

  1. Your garden is gorgeous and you did justice to its blooms!

    I’ve been enjoying the limes off our lime tree this summer ` we had a bumper harvest.

    • Sadly I have nothing edible in my garden this year. There were some wild strawberries. but they were cleared recently when I had a corner of the garden tidied up. No doubt they will be back next year though. What have you done with your bumper crop of limes? Marmalade maybe?

  2. Beautiful flowers, Elaine. I love that lupin seed pod. It looks like a cute little furry green animal with a curly tail. 🙂

  3. I don’t know why the agapanthus was a disappointment, mine too, but I went to a NT garden today and theirs were beautiful! My fuchsias haven’t done much either! But the rest of your garden flowers look delightful, you have a wide variety there and very colourful.

  4. These are all beautiful. My favourite is the Acanthus. Every time we come to England I admire all the beautiful flowering hanging baskets. I am determined to create one at home myself this summer.

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