I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the September already edition


Dear September, You’ve crept up all of a sudden!  It’s officially autumn (according to the meteorological people), but I’m not ready for that.

Dear supermarkets, I see you are introducing the Christmas produce already, and not even very subtly, with your big piles of tins of chocolates near the entrance.  As usual – it’s TOO early!

Dear self,  Please stop making silly punctuation errors.  In recent weeks you seem to be determined to use its/it’s incorrectly, and sometimes the comment is posted before I’ve spotted it.  Get a grip.

Dear traffic wardens,  I saw you yesterday, out there rubbing your hands with glee as the unsuspecting visitors to the area failed to spot that the parking controls were in effect again after two months without them.  I even saw that you travel by motor bike now – presumably so that you can catch more people more quickly.

Dear robin,  It was good to see that you were enjoying having a good splash about in the bird bath this morning.


Have a good Friday.


22 thoughts on “Friday letters – the September already edition

  1. Awww, robin!

    The meteorological people can think what they like – it’s still 30°C here!

  2. I’m sticking with the Astronomical seasons – autumn begins on 21st September and not a day before!

  3. What a lovely picture of the robin taking a bath. Could not agree more about the Christmas stuff. They could at least wait till after Halloween.

    • He looked very cute. It’s the first time I’ve seen the robin bathing, normally he is just perching there, or maybe having a drink. I know what you mean about waiting until Hallowe’en – and even that seems a bit early!

      • I agree, I understand the stores wanting to promote their Christmas sales but really could they not wait till November? Lots of people put their decorations up at home around the same time and I wonder if they are not tired of them by Christmas. Then a day or two after Christmas or at least by New Year the hot cross buns are coming out for Easter sometimes before the Valentines Day stuff.

        • I think this (and probably say it) every year, but I can easily start my Christmas shopping (oh, that I was so organised that I could start this early!) without the shops shoving it down my throat. You mention hot cross buns… I saw them in a supermarket a few weeks ago!

  4. Ha, I love the Dear Self one – obviously! 🙂

    • I’m hoping that a letter to myself will be the wake-up call I need and I won’t make any more grammar/spelling errors. I blame that fact that I keep seeing it written incorrectly in lots of places (although I always tut and think – surely these people should know what they are doing!).

  5. Cute Robin! ❤ Those traffic wardens are so sneaky. 😦

  6. I do like a happy Robin! And your injunction to ‘get a grip’ made me smile. I also have occasional flirts with punctuation. 🙂

  7. I read something today about only so many weeks until Christmas – please noooooooooo!

  8. Robin is having a lovely time and you caught him well, Elaine.

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