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Friday letters – the start of autumn edition


Dear Autumn,  You arrived yesterday, officially, and the transition from summer to autumn was seamless with sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures, which was a wonderful bonus.  It’s going to be another similar day today – hooray!

Dear camera, Why do you sometimes allow me to take wonderful close up photos and then the next minute you won’t focus?  It’s a trifle annoying.  However, I did manage to take a few shots this week which I am very pleased with.

Dear magpies,  Hanging peanut feeders are not really designed for you – but it’s good fun watching you try to use them!

Dear chestnuts/conkers,  Your brown shiny-ness (is that a real word?) is so irresistible!  We went for a walk in the park at the weekend and I came home with a handful – I just couldn’t leave them on the ground.  I’ve put you in the porch because I’ve heard that you keep spiders away –  we will see.


Have a good Friday everyone!


24 thoughts on “Friday letters – the start of autumn edition

  1. My camera does that too! I don’t get it :-/

  2. Hadn’t heard that about chestnuts keeping spiders away….learn something new everyday!

  3. I haven’t gone ‘conkering’ yet this year! Meeting ET (Carol from The Eternal Traveler) in Great Ayton this afternoon so I’ll have to see if there are any on the green 🙂 Have a good weekend!

  4. Let me know if the conkers work with the spiddies!

  5. My camera does that too and I can’t figure out why. Maybe Jude can help us. I took some nice close ups of heather this afternoon when we went walking with Jo and Mick. I was pleased it didn’t do the not focussing thing then.

  6. Mt camera is similarly uncooperative a lot of the time. 😦 So glad that you’re still having nice mild weather. I don’t suppose you could persuade it to hang about until November when we get to England. 😕

  7. I’m so happy for autumn too, Elaine. It’s my favorite time of year! Are the chestnuts actually working to keep the spiders away?

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