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September: flower portrait #4



Papaver Orientale

Poppies are one of my favourite flowers but I’ve not had much success growing them in my garden.  However, this year I decided I would try again and bought a plant.  There were a few buds on it and I was really hoping  that I would be able to nurture it and keep it alive.  Success!  It wasn’t until there was only one flower left on it that I realised I hadn’t taken a photo, so this is the last bloom, and it is on its way out I think.


I think the centre looks as though it has been made from some kind of sugared jelly sweet!


I kept some of the seed heads, which I will use next year and hope for more success.

This post is linking up with The Earth Laughs in Flowers .


14 thoughts on “September: flower portrait #4

  1. Wow, that close up is amazing!

  2. Wow, it really does look like some sugar fix.

  3. Like a little treasure for those who take the time to get up close!

  4. Amazing what we see when we really focus in, isn’t it? Beautiful!

  5. Extraordinary how much detail can be seen when we focus close in. I love your description of jellied sugar – it really does look like that! I had one poppy this year too, but others appear to have flowered whilst I was away. I shall scatter some seeds in the spring and hope for the best!

  6. Your macro shots are absolutely fabulous, I hope your luck changes in trying to get these beautiful plants to grow.

  7. Beautiful shots, Elaine. I love poppies but the ones I grow are Iceland poppies and completely different to this variety.

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