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Friday letters – the first October edition


Dear cyclists,  I’m afraid it’s time for another one of my ranty letters.  Some of you clearly believe you are above the law and do not have to stop at red lights.  At quite a busy junction yesterday I was waiting patiently behind two other cars at a red light. Along came a cyclist from behind me, rode on past, slowed down slightly to look around and then pedalled on across the junction.  Why do you think you can get away with it?  If you are riding on the road (which is where you should be, but don’t get me started on that one) then you should be abiding by the rules of the road.

Dear robin,  Thank you for your company when I was doing some gardening this week and tidying up the path that had become almost covered by grass.  I could tell that you were just waiting for me to move so that you could check the newly exposed earth for tasty delights.  I hope you found some.

Dear new  five pound note,  After suggesting last week that you don’t actually exist I got not one,  but two last week.  My excitement when one slid out of the machine for my change when I was using a ‘self checkout’ area in the supermarket was great – I may actually have exclaimed aloud!  I received the second one as change in a coffee shop and, imagining that the voice was in my head, I expressed my delight to have another one!  The two ladies behind me in the queue heard me and were very excited too, asking to see it, and the man behind them told me I should check the serial number because certain ones were quite valuable.  I wouldn’t have imagined that a new five pound note would have created so much excitement.  You don’t feel quite as ‘plastic-y’ as I had thought you would and I like your colours, so it’s a thumbs up from me.


My brand new shiny five pound note.

I hope you have a good Friday, whatever your plans are.


14 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first October edition

  1. Sounds like you’re not the only one who thought the new notes were a myth 😀

    Aww, I want a robin to keep my company! I haven’t seen a single one in Switzerland. Just many, many sparrows and crows.

  2. Still not seen one. And I’m with you all the way re cyclists – on or off the road! I think I saw a robin yesterday evening but it was too dark to tell. It seems to be getting dark quite early already and I am just not ready for it 😦 I did see a song thrush pecking through the lawn in the morning, I hope s/he returns as I have plenty of snails and slugs to keep it well fed. And we counted at least a dozen sparrows jostling for a turn in the ‘bath’ I must get some feeders to attract them closer to the house. Do you have any recommendations on the type of feeder to get?

    • I don’t think we have ever had a song thrush in the garden – I’d really like to have one of them. I agree about the dark evening – I’m not ready for them either. A dozen sparrows? That must have been noisy! I’ve tried different types of feeders and the best ones are the ‘squirrel proof’ metal ones because if I didn’t use them the bird seed/nuts wouldn’t last a moment (neither would the feeder because the squirrels just gnaw through plastic). I have one for nuts and one for seeds which are like a normal feeder surrounded by a cage. The other one I have which I like, and which the woodpeckers like, is a peanut one and is a long silver tube with holes in it. I think I got that one from the RSPB website because I am pretty sure I haven’t seen it in the garden centre. Another feeder which is very popular with the birds (and the squirrels of course!) is one that you put fat balls in, or rectangular fat blocks. There is a frenzy of activity when I put one of them out! I haven’t used a bird table, because I am mean and don’t want even more squirrels and pigeons than I already have.

      • Thanks for that. I don’t want to encourage the crows or the seagulls in to the garden, just the little birds. No squirrels around here as far as I know, but there are probably rats on the farm – don’t want them in the garden either! So I will stick to the tube feeders. My grandson made me one where you suspend an apple, but not a single bird approached that when I tried it in the spring. Perhaps I should try a fat ball?

  3. Still not seen a new fiver either! And with you on the cyclists. Mind you, I used to be a cyclist and I could tell you a few scary stories about drivers so it cuts both ways. I like to think I am / was responsible in both roles! There’s too much traffic now, I think I’d be scared to cycle.

    • I do sympathise with cyclists sometimes (not that my ‘letters’ would suggest that I do!) because some drivers are very thoughtless and overtake them with too little space, or cut in front of them. I’d be too scared to cycle on the busy roads now – I don’t know how the cyclists in London do it!

  4. Yay! You’ve found one (two!) 😀 I’ve still to receive one myself, Elaine, but it won’t be long. I was given a handful of old fivers the other day when I asked for cashback… shops must be trying to get rid of them. Incidentally, have you started noticing the new portrait of the Queen on the newest coins? Very subtly different.
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. I came home to find my rose garden completely overtaken by giant weeds so I spent some time on Sunday and Monday removing them which meant the soil was turned over. Mr ET has two magpie friends and they watched with great interest. Once I was finished they were down there digging around, finding all sorts of goodies on which to feast – just like your robin.

    • How annoying to find all those weeds, but I bet those magpies were watching you and rubbing their wings in delight at the thought of all the goodies you were turning up! There’s no sign of the robin yet today – he is probably still sitting quietly, getting over the big meal he had.

  6. I’m right with you on the cyclists who think they are above the law. Someday they’ll realize that they need to take MORE care than others since they have no barrier between them and the road like occupants of a vehicle do. ….hopefully, it won’t be a painful realization for them but one they come to easily by engaging their brain.

    • I think some cyclists just don’t think. They assume that the drivers can see them and anticipate their every movement, but that’s not always the case. Some of the cyclists round here wear black and even in the daytime they can blend into their surroundings to such a degree that you can’t see them until you are nearly on them. Yes, some definitely need to engage their brain before getting into the saddle!

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