I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

The canal


I went for a walk by the canal at the weekend – the sun was shining and there was a hint of autumn beginning to appear on the trees.






This week’s photo challenge is to show H2O.


13 thoughts on “The canal

  1. And now I’ve been there with you it’s a beautiful familiar scene. So pretty and peaceful.

  2. You’ve got this week’s challenge locked up! Nice wok 🙂

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  4. I like your canal walks. It looks like a nice day and you must get a lot of birds along there.

    • It was a lovely day – a little cool, but nice and bright. We get ducks and moorhens mainly, occasionally a heron or an egret, but can hear other birds twittering in the trees. It’s a pretty, and peaceful, spot.

      • Cool today here, but bright and sunny. I must go and buy some bird feeders as already the little ones are coming back. I have seen a pied wagtail, wrens and robins this morning.

        • I’ve not had a pied wagtail in my garden, but occasionally there is a wren (mainly hopping and foraging around the base of my flower tubs) and of course a robin (or maybe it is several but they only appear one at a time). I get very excited when I see the wren! Yes, you need to get yourself off to get some bird feeders!

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