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Friday letters – the very annoying laptop edition


Dear laptop,  You are great when you work, but extremely annoying when you don’t.  The last few days have been very frustrating, waiting for things which are ‘Not Responding’, and if you don’t shape up then it will be time to ship you out.  Take note.

Dear autumn, More signs of your arrival are beginning to creep in now, and I can’t decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Dear pigeons,  I don’t mind you coming into the garden in ones and twos, but larger groups are not really acceptable – you give the garden the air of a public square, and you take up too much space.  Please will you wait somewhere in an orderly fashion until the pair who are pecking up the seeds from underneath the bird feeder are finished and then you can take their place.

Dear fingernails,  You seem to be growing very quickly at the moment.  I wonder if it is the time of year.

Dear laptop,  Have I mentioned how annoying you are at the moment?  This post is taking ages to put together.  I am not happy.

Dear Savage Chicken,  I know just how you feel.



15 thoughts on “Friday letters – the very annoying laptop edition

  1. LOL, I somehow can’t imagine pigeons lining up to take their turn 😀

  2. Computer problems are SO annoying! How can we live without them working IMMEDIATELY and RIGHT NOW?

    #firstworldproblems 🙂

  3. Elaine I had had trouble for three days writing posts! Took me all day! I think WordPress might have been rebooting!

    • Maybe WordPress was having a moment and that affected everything else – I wish I knew! I was trying to sort out photos for a new post and my photos on my laptop wouldn’t open. I gave up in the end. Today seems slightly better so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Not got Windows 10 have you? We have been having problems ever since we returned home with technology – computers running slowly, printer decided it was no longer on the network and the storage disk decided to hide from us! I have a suspicion it is the BT router but I am NOT going to attempt to contact them unless absolutely necessary… Have a good weekend Elaine and once again I love those chickens 😀 😀

    Oh and we don’t have Windows 10 so can’t blame that.

    • Not Windows 10 yet but I think beckons when I get a new laptop, sadly. I am still a bit of a dinosaur using Windows 7, and very happily until now! You would have to be feeling very strong to contact BT – and have lots of time available. Yesterday my laptop decided to do a very long update and sync of Dropbox and since then has been a bit better, so I wonder if it was something to do with that? Can’t see the link, but then computers are complete laws unto themselves.

  5. My desktop PC does the very same thing at times, Elaine. Then, in the next instant it’s working fine without so much as a tweak. Most odd, and most frustrating!

  6. Computers are great until they decide to play up. I really think they should just be able to read our minds and know what we want them to do. It would make life a lot easier!

  7. I sympathise greatly with your laptop problems, such issues can drive you round the twist. What astonishes me about laptops, and many other modern day devices, is that despite being hugely complicated and well designed, they’re not built to last. When I had to replace my laptop recently I was told that I’d done well to get over six years of service out of the previous one. Apparently you can expect to need a replacement after about three years, and if you get five years out of it you’re doing well. When did all this built-in redundancy become acceptable, I’d like to know? It can’t be a sustainable way to use resources. I, also, question the arrival of autumn. I would be far more relaxed about it if we slid gracefully from autumn into spring, perhaps with a week or two of cold, chilly weather as a nod to winter. I like the autumn colours but I don’t like the idea that they might lead to months of freezing misery.

    • I am astonished too about the expected life of a laptop. My current one (soon to be an ex) has lasted 4 years, which is ridiculous! My previous one was about the same. If they were cheap to replace it wouldn’t be so bad.
      I like your idea of transitioning smoothly from autumn to spring with a short, sharp cold interval – possibly with beautiful white sparkling snow which only falls in fields, gardens and parks and makes everywhere look beautiful but doesn’t disrupt the transport systems. 🙂

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