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October: A Garden Portrait


This month Jude has asked us to share our favourite gardens.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will probably know that I like The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.   Some of the photos I am about to share with you I have posted before, but they bear repeating I think.

The Gardens are divided into different sections, recreating as accurately as possible how the gardens looked in their Victorian heyday.

Productive Gardens

The Kitchen Garden, walled Flower Garden and Melon Yard, where the gardening team uses the same horticultural practices as their Victorian predecessors, show us a glorious array of traditional crops of vegetables, fruit and flowers.

Pleasure Grounds

These were first laid out over 200 years ago, partly for the pleasure of the owners and partly to display their wealth.  They contain an unusual range of romantic structures and features, linked by winding paths planted on either side with a magnificent selection of historic plants.

From the Northern Summerhouse there are spectacular views to St Austell Bay.


The Jungle

Set on a slope into a valley the jungle has its own warmer micro-climate and so many tropical plants are able to grow.  Paths and a boardwalk take you down ponds and streams, surrounded by giant rhubarb, banana plantations, palm trees and many other plants which would not normally grow here.  It is lush and green and exotic.


The beautiful 200 acre ancient woodland has meandering paths which invite you to explore.  You might stumble upon a sleeping mud maid, or spot a giant’s head if you look carefully!

There is much, much more to Heligan than I have featured here.  There’s a farm with rare livestock and poultry, an orchard, a bird hide, formal gardens, wide open lawns and a tea garden and every part is beautifully kept.  It’s amazing to think that it lay hidden for years, covered with ivy and brambles which took over when the workforce went to fight in the trenches during the first World War (many didn’t return), but how wonderful that it has been rediscovered and can be enjoyed again.  I think it is quite a magical place.

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11 thoughts on “October: A Garden Portrait

  1. Gorgeous pix, as usual. Love those woodland shots!

  2. All great photos, Elaine, well worthy of showing again. I would love to walk around that Jungle.

  3. We didn’t get to see this garden on our trip to Cornwall but it’s definitely on the list for next time. For now I can enjoy seeing it with you through your beautiful photos.

  4. It is a beautiful garden and I still haven’t been to visit this year – you have given me yet another nudge!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, I wouldn’t mind a trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan one day. It’s a most romantic story, its rediscovery after the war. I rather fancy sitting in the tea garden with a cream tea.

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