I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the 1,000th post edition


Dear self,  Well done for filling the internet with 1,000 finely crafted articles pieces of nonsense.

Dear laptop,  I’m pleased that you took some of my comments to heart last week and have sorted yourself out a little, but I feel it might be time to put you into retirement.  You would be much happier, I think, without the demands I place on you,  You could enjoy a peaceful life and my stress levels would certainly be a lot lower.

Dear traffic cones, I noticed, as we were driving north to Scotland earlier this week, that hundreds of you seemed to be enjoying a break on the northern reaches of the M6, in Cumbria.  As there was no obvious sign of any roadworks going on, I assumed that you were having some well earned rest after months of faithful service on other major routes in the UK.  I can’t help thinking that you could rest on the roadsides and verges just as easily as on the roads themselves, and the traffic wouldn’t be affected by you at all.  

Dear Westmorland Tebay services,  I always enjoy a break in your establishment, especially when I can have a view like this from my table while I have a bite of lunch in the restaurant.



16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the 1,000th post edition

  1. Happy 1,000th post!

    Ooh, that view is indeed stunning!

  2. Great view indeed and we’ll done on 1000 posts! Wow!!!

  3. Nothing like the Tebay stopover. It’s almost worth driving up the M6 to go there. (Did I really say that!) But most of all, many congrats on your 1000 (finely crafted) essays in giving us a jolly good laugh. Cheers, Elaine.

  4. Good Going Elaine! I love that photo of Tebay!

  5. 1000! Congratulations. I only hit 400 recently which has taken about 5 years. I agree about Tebay – if only they were all like that. Well, I suppose they can’t all have such a view but in terms of service.

  6. Congratulations on your thousandth post, Elaine!
    And that truly is a splendid view!

  7. Well done on your posting milestone. That is some achievement. We love UK services. We don’t have huge ones like yours in Australia.

  8. Wow, 1,000 posts!! There must be some sort of blogger award for that surely?? Well done.

  9. I love the idea of traffic cones going on holiday. Congratulations on your 1000th post, that’s a lot of posting.

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