I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the advent card edition


Dear London Underground train passengers,  Why would you stand, when there are seats available?  On a rush hour train yesterday (and fortunate enough to find a seat in what turned out to be a crowded carriage) I was suprised to see many people still standing when the carriage emptied a bit and seats were vacated.

Dear London Midland trains,  Well done for trying to impart a bit of festive cheer amongst your customers yesterday by handing out small Christmas cakes.

Dear garden birds,  I’m sorry about the lack of bird food.  The problem is that the squirrels have eaten through the wire peanut feeders (the squirrel proof ones!) and all the nuts just fall out.  I will get some stronger feeders and normal service will be resumed.

Dear Christmas,  Only nine more sleeps! I’d better get a move on and get some cards written and get the decorations out of the loft.

Dear Advent calendar card,  It’s Buckingham Palace this year, and I am enjoying opening the little doors and seeing the details in all the little pictures.


Picture taken last night, so today’s window isn’t open yet!


28 thoughts on “Friday letters – the advent card edition

  1. Aww, the advent calendar card is cute!

    Resourceful squirrels you’ve got there…

    It seems people on trains would rather stand than risk *gasp* sitting next to a fellow passenger! It happens on German trains all the time.

  2. FABULOUS Advent Calendar! Great post Elaine. Lots of fun.
    Warm Winter Wishes ~ Cobs. x

  3. I love your advent calendar! I have never, ever had one so it is fun to see yours every year. Did you have them as a child?

  4. LOVELY Advent calendar! Not sure when you’re disappearing, Elaine, so will take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive season. 🙂

  5. We noticed that on the trains too. The carriages would be packed and down the middle would be spare seats. I couldn’t ever get near them though, because of all the people standing in the way! Your Advent calendar is gorgeous, Elaine.

  6. What a splendid offering from London Midland trains, that’d cheer up the commute no end. Opening the little doors on an advent calendar is surprisingly exciting, even in adulthood. That’s a smashing one you’ve got there of the palace.

  7. I love your Advent calendar. Hope you manage to get ready for Christmas! It will be here before you know it, whether you’re ready or not! (for all of us!)

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