I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Advent update


For those of you following along with the advent calendar opening (Jude, are you there? 🙂 ) here’s another couple of the pictures which were opened over the weekend.  After today there are only five more windows to open – doesn’t time fly?



In other Christmas news – I have baked a lot of mince pies and more than half of them are in the freezer ready for their journey up to Scotland for the festive season.  I had to freeze them really quickly, or they would all have disappeared!  Tomorrow I am going to pick up the ingredients I forgot to get last week and then I can make some cranberry, pecan and white chocolate cookies.  I have made them every year for the last few years and it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.  I may have to freeze them quickly too, or I will have eaten them all before anyone else gets a chance.  I can resist mince pies very easily, but not these biscuits.  I posted about them here three years ago (how time flies!) with the recipe.

Here’s a silly Christmas joke – I thought I had heard them all, but this was a new one to me (or maybe it’s a while since I heard it and so had forgotten it!).

Who beats his chest and swings from Christmas cake to Christmas cake?


I hope your preparations are going well.



12 thoughts on “Advent update

  1. Those cookies sound rather tasty. I like a nut in a biscuit, and if there’s chocolate as well all the better. I bet they taste magnificent dunked in a nice hot cup of tea.

  2. Great joke! I must remember that for Christmas Day. Your biscuits sound delish. I’m off to check out the recipe.

  3. Can I come to Scotland with you????? I am going to look at your recipe too, but since you are going to make some…
    Anyway Elaine, thanks for allowing me to share your advent calendar, hope you have a safe journey up north and a lovely Christmas with the family and that the traffic cones behave themselves, the motorways stay clear (not the case today it seems 😦 ) and if you have snow it goes before you have to drive home again!
    Jude xx

  4. Simple are the only ones I get! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Elaine, and have a truly wonderful Christmas. I must make a list for that final shop… or two 😦 Sending hugs and Christmas love.

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