I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the hello 2017 edition


Dear 2017,  You’ve crept up on us all of a sudden – how did that happen?  However, now that you are here, let’s hope you are a happy and healthy one.

Dear London New Year firework display,  I only saw you on the tv, but you were amazing.

Dear new potato peeler,  You are a marvel, a wonder, a life-changer, a fantastic thing, a superbly crafted item, a …  Ok, I will stop there, but you get the picture.  I had no idea that peeling a potato or vegetable could be quite such an easy process.  I had been struggling along with a couple of peelers which I thought were the best that I could get, but clearly not.  You, the Lakeland Potato Peeler, have revolutionised my vegetable preparations and I’d like to thank you.  I wish I had been given one sooner.

Dear garden birds,  After a very quiet spell it was great to see you out in force again yesterday, even though the food supplies were looking a little low.

Dear camera,  I seem to have lost the knack of using the zoom to good effect.  Either that or you were just having an off day yesterday when I tried to take photos of the birds in the garden.  I hope normal service can be resumed soon.



21 thoughts on “Friday letters – the hello 2017 edition

  1. Lovely woodpecker! Don’t throw your new peeler out with the peelings! (I’ve lost at least two that way!)

  2. Woodpecker!! How fabulous 🙂

    Your vegetable peeler letter made me laugh!

  3. Your bird photos look great to me, Elaine. Now, about Lakeland… When we were in Windermere there was supposed to be a Lakeland store and I really wanted to go and have a look. But despite some intense searching, we couldn’t find it, even though we could see the signs for it. In the end we had to give up and move on, which was very disappointing. 😦

  4. I have just bought one from ASDA to replace the one thrown away 😦 Yet to use it, but I do hope it is not as naff as the previous new one I bought. Otherwise I shall have to order one from Lakeland. They do seem to have some enticing gizmos.

  5. I’m feeling woefully neglected, because I’ve never had a proper potato peeler. 😦 I use a knife! Perhaps I should take myself along to Lakeland too, but it sounds like it could be an expensive outing. 🙂

  6. I was hoping you were going to give us a picture of that potato peeler, it sounds utterly magnificent.

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