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Friday letters – the chilly-ish edition


Dear weather forecasters,  Well, it hasn’t quite been the white-out blizzard conditions that you forecast for my area, although it is a bit on the cool side and ice has had to be scraped off cars this morning.  I think you will find that there are a lot of very disappointed school children in many parts of the country because you had raised their hopes that the snow was going to be bad enough to close their schools.  I know that you tend to give the ‘worst case scenario’ picture so that there is not a repeat of the occasion in mid October 1987 when we were told, categorically, that there was no storm on its way and there then followed one of the worst storms on record, but you really over-egged it this time.

Dear supermarket vegetable departments,  Why are turnips/swedes individually wrapped in shrink-wrap plastic these days?  They already have their own skin which we can remove before cooking.  None of the other large veg/fruit is individually wrapped – or are you just breaking us in gently?  Are we soon going to get individually shrink wrapped potatoes, leeks, carrots, bananas etc?

Dear skin and nails,  How much moisturising do you need?  I seem to be using endless amounts and you still feel dry.

Dear fellow bloggers,  I’m slowly catching up with you all – you seem to have been very busy writing posts since the beginning of December and there’s so much to read!

Dear Princes Square, Glasgow,  I thought your decorations were lovely – much better in the flesh than a photo can show.




15 thoughts on “Friday letters – the chilly-ish edition

  1. Your weather forecasters might need a lesson on accuracy from our weather forecasters. They told us a heat wave was coming and they were correct. Apparently a heat wave is defined by more than one day in a row of daytime temperatures at least 5 degrees above average. So far we’ve had a week of 35 degrees C or hotter and it’s going to continue for at least another week.

    That’s a spectacular decoration.

    • I’ve often wondered how other countries can be accurate to the minute with their weather forecasts, yet we can barely be accurate to the week! I’ve heard of the heat wave definition here too (yes, we occasionally have them!), but I’m sure we have to have several days in a row to qualify.
      The decoration was really lovely, made all the better I think by the glass roof and the dark night sky.

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the turnips, what’s that all about? I think the trouble with us Brits, and perhaps people the world over, is we put to much trust in our weather forecasters. We hang on their words and believe what they tell us, and when things don’t pan out quite as expected we feel let down and betrayed. I think it’s a good idea for them to be a bit cagey, suggesting the weather might be like this or that, rather than making bold statements that could easily turn out to be less than accurate. They were forecasting warm air here for Sunday but this morning they’ve changed their minds and dropped the temperature for tomorrow by about 5 degrees. I was counting on that warmer air coming in, too. Tchah.

  3. Yes, they’ve over exaggerated the weather here in Cheshire as well, Elaine. Yes, there was snow, but it looked as though some chap had brought a handful with him and scattered it here and there; nothing like the doomsday scenario they were going on about. Since then, brilliant sunshine.

    I think the shrink-wrapping is so they can charge us more, just to justify things being shrink-wrapped.

  4. Over-egged indeed. Actually down where I live there was hardly any forecast at all – warnings of snow and low temperatures over ‘high ground’ but what constitutes high ground? As it was we did have extreme windy conditions and it has been a bit cold, some rain, some heavy but not prolonged. and a lovely fat yellow moon lighting up the sky at night 🙂

    I need to pick your brain Elaine – I mentioned the use of ‘wynd’ being a word used in Scotland for a passage in my post for Paula https://smallbluegreenwords.wordpress.com/2017/01/14/black-and-white-sunday-passage/#comment-22008 but how is it pronounced?

  5. Yeah, the snow was a big let down here in the north west as well. A light sprinkling, which melted in the afternoon.

    Thank goodness!

  6. Didn’t Glasgow do well! Must head there next Christmas 🙂 🙂 Well, if I’m not somewhere warmer…

  7. The accuracy of weather forecasting really does depend on where you live, doesn’t it! My Canada home is a bit east of the Rocky Mountains, and the forecasters really can never predict what weather will spill over the peaks, or get caught there. The forecasters at my winter place in the Arizona desert have a lot easier time of it!

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