I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Weekly photo challenge: graceful


We might not be impressed by having our grass full of dandelion seed heads but, if you look at them closely, they are very graceful, and amazingly detailed and delicate.





Weekly Photo Challenge


23 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: graceful

  1. They are indeed graceful and you have captured the dandelion clocks beautifully. Lovely macros.

  2. Aww, I like dandelions 🙂

  3. Nice set of photos, Elaine. Dandelions might be a nuisance but they do look pretty.

  4. Wow, aren’t they gorgeous! I seem to remember that you had to make a wish or say a verse when you blew all the ‘feathery’ bits off?? (Sorry, not much of a gardener – don’t know the proper name for them!)

  5. Everything looks better in close-up, Elaine! Very graceful.

  6. How beautiful and very graceful indeed. I’ve always been a Dandelion fan.

  7. Stunningly gracefully beautiful!

  8. Incredible closeups!

  9. Rather like a cluster of ballet dancers in white tutus nestled at the centre of the stage. As the music reaches a crescendo, they burst outwards spreading gracefully around the stage!

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