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Friday letters – the final January edition


Dear Mr Kipling mini battenburg cakes,  You are so dainty and perfectly formed that you are almost enough to make me want to eat you even though I dislike marzipan.

Dear big toe,  It’s a month now since I stubbed you, very hard, on a step I had forgotten was there when I was negotiating my way through a door in subdued light, and you are still hurting, although not nearly as much as before.  I’m looking forward to you feeling normal again.

Dear Twinings,  Why have you changed the colour of the packaging of your peppermint tea?  What on earth was wrong with the previous colour of the box?  It was green, and green is easily associated with peppermint I feel.  Now it is yellow, and so I keep thinking that I am picking up a packet of lemon and ginger tea (which I don’t like).  It’s not good for my mind to be tricked like this!

Dear snowdrops,  I see you are starting to appear – it won’t be long now until we see your flowers I imagine.

Dear garden birds,  As always I enjoyed your visits this week.  Please visit again tomorrow, because I will be taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and it would be nice if I could have some visitors to count – unlike a few years ago when not one single bird landed in my garden, or even flew across my airspace!


22 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final January edition

  1. isn’t the last one a female house sparrow?

  2. Sometimes I get the impression that birds just don’t wanna get counted!

  3. That’s a chubby robin, or were his feathers just plumped against the cold? Good luck with the bird count. I hope they all come calling!

    Poor toe. Maybe a dear little cake would make it feel better. 🙂

  4. Oh, good luck with the count. I am joining in this year for the first time as I now have a garden and I have some feeders too. So exciting! I did my count this morning and was thrilled to see a goldfinch arrive in the allotted hour. I have only seen one recently and it was good that it came back today. No wrens though and Mr Magpie missed the timing 😦

    • I ended up doing the count on the Sunday. It went fairly well and I was very excited to have 3 goldfinches all at once! I hadn’t seen any in the garden for ages and then just after I had started my hour 3 flew in, stayed for about 4 or 5 minutes and then flew off. It was as though they were making a point! I was also very excited to have two woodpeckers at the same time. 🙂 I had one wren, which I was excited about too. No magpies, or other big birds apart from wood pigeons. I also had a black cap which I am not aware of seeing before in the garden – I had to look up a book to check what it was!

      • I have only recently seen a goldfinch and was very excited as I have a little nyger feeder. I was holding my breath that he would find it. And he did! Comes back every day now (except when it is very windy) and even brought a friend with him a couple of days ago! My wrens stayed away during the count.

        • I love goldfinches and still get excited when I see them. What a shame your wrens stayed away. I was sorry that my collared doves stayed away – they are very regular visitors, as are the starlings, but they didn’t show up either. Hopefully they were all counted in someone else’s garden. 🙂

  5. It always seems to rain here on Bird Watch weekend and that, I feel, deters the birds. I’m sure we have more birds on frosty or fine mornings. I think they should add a weather tick box and check . ( I’ve put that in the Bird Watch comment box).

  6. OOoh, you saw some lovely birds. That is bizarre about the Twinings mint packaging! I feel the same as you do- MINT SHOULD BE GREEN!

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