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Friday letters – the mid February edition


Dear chestnuts/conkers,  The theory (which I mentioned here ) about you keeping spiders away seems to have some truth in it – I have not seen a spider in the porch since I put some of you there.  I actually haven’t seen many spiders in the house at all recently, so perhaps the benefits extend further than the room in which you are placed, which would be a bonus.

Dear snowdrops,  I go away for a couple of weeks and in that time you have appeared!  You are looking very nice, although I notice there are some gaps where previously there were none, so I wonder who has been at the bulbs?

Dear Florida,  Thank you for providing such lovely, warm, sunny days for our visit. 

Dear Virgin Atlantic.  I think you need to have a look at some (many) of the seats on at least two of your planes, because they need some attention.  It’s difficult to watch tv when the seat in front of you moves backwards and forwards everytime the person sitting in the seat moves, even a little bit.  You also need to check your air-conditioning – we were freezing!

Dear laundry/ironing,  You are always the downside of any trip.

snowdrops mid February

Snowdrops in the garden


21 thoughts on “Friday letters – the mid February edition

  1. I am always freezing on planes, no matter how long the flight or which airline it is!

  2. Gorgeous snowdrops! We’ve also been frozen alive on Virgin planes, but the last couple of times, they seemed to get it right. I think it’s a bit ‘hit and miss’. 😦 Glad you enjoyed the Florida sunshine. I agree about the laundry.

  3. I think most airlines have the air con turned down way too low. I wonder who’s been having snowdrop bulb salad for their lunch!

  4. Two of the many reasons why I hate to fly these days. Plus people who inconsiderately put their seat right back whilst you are still eating a meal so your wine almost ends up on your lap! And you have to resort to limbo dancing to get out of your seat to visit the loo… no I so hate flying!

  5. Fab flower show, lucky you. My snow drop flowers have been munched up by something. Very upsetting. Suspect slugs but the slug bait is untouched. Does slug bait go ‘off’ like sun-cream?

    • I’ve often wondered the same about slug bait – does it lose its potency after a while. Shame about your snowdrops. I don’t know if it would be slugs based on the fact that we have huge numbers of slugs and so far the snowdrops haven’t been attacked by them.

  6. The snowdrops are beautiful, and I’m glad you had good weather in Florida

  7. OOoh, nice snowdrops! I saw some lovely ones in Yorkshire this week! Hello by the way, I was intrigued by your blogtitle over at Confuzzledom so I popped over to say Hi and I am now going to explore!!!
    OOOh, I will try that about the spiders. Interestingly though, we don’t seem to get so many in this bungalow or they hide really well. Wish I could say the same about Moths!!!
    What is this ‘Ironing’ you talk of????X

    • Hello! Thank you for calling by. The blog title came about because I just couldn’t make my mind up about what to call it! 🙂 Moths – urgh, I hate them almost as much as spiders. I’m trying to cut down on what I iron, but I’m not doing very well. 😉

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