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Weekly photo challenge: atop #2


The position of the J. Paul Getty Museum’s Getty Center atop a hillside in the Santa Monica mountains, Los Angeles means that the views of the surrounding area are magnificent. To the east there is the Los Angeles skyline and the San Bernardino and San Gabriel mountains.

To the west you can see the Pacific Ocean.

Prior to visiting this site of the museum (there is another Museum site, in Malibu) we had been advised that a couple of hours would be all that we would need to see it.  We arrived in a taxi and asked it to return for us in three hours, thinking that would be more than enough time.  How wrong our advice had been.  We had to wait ten minutes or so for the little train to take us on the five minute journey up to the museum from the taxi drop off point (and had to allow time for the return trip) and then after marvelling at the beautiful buildings and admiring the view in all directions, we only had time to visit a tiny selection of the exhibits.  We really could have done with double the time, or more if we wanted to allow time for a coffee at one of the cafes with stunning views.  Presumably the person who gave us advice about the amount of time needed had no interest in architecture, views or art collections!

I only managed to take a few photos of the amazing building and gardens – time was so short!

Weekly Photo Challenge


10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: atop #2

  1. Incredible views, but always there is that pervasive brown haze. I remember flying in sometimes when you could not see anything but the haze.

  2. Lovely views, Elaine. Time really flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

  3. Great views, Elaine! 🙂 🙂

  4. That looks like a wonderful place to explore, great views and the gardens look interesting, love the last photo of the cacti garden!

  5. Well now you have an excuse to return, so you can see the rest at your leisure. That sunken garden looks intriguing. I would like to sit on that patio with a coffee and enjoy the beautiful views.

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