I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the final March edition


Dear sparrows,  I’m glad that you have finally found your way into the back garden – I wonder what took you so long?  It seemed odd to me that for years you confined yourselves to the front of the house, when tempting feeders and a bird bath were available for you at the back.

Dear grass,  Finally, we had a couple of dry days in a row and you received your first cut of the year. You are looking so much better and I hope you feel better too.

Dear books,  I am feeling very pleased with myself – two books read from the pile and no new ones added, although the intention was that one would have been.

Dear Amazon,  Why tell me that a book is available to buy now for next day delivery and then wait until I have clicked to buy it before telling me that you have no idea when it will be available for delivery?  That was two weeks ago, and I am running out of time to read it before my next book club meeting.  As soon as I have finished writing these letters I will be cancelling the order and buying it in my local bookshop.

Dear local bookshop,  I’m so sorry that I didn’t order a book from you but decided to buy it from Amazon instead.  I will be popping in to see you tomorrow and I hope you will forgive me and still serve me despite my selfish behaviour, thinking that it would be cheaper, and quicker, buying it online.

Dear self,  Support local bookshops – what were you thinking?










6 thoughts on “Friday letters – the final March edition

  1. I’m sure the grass looks better for having had a hair cut. ☺ After months of no rain and dead grass, we’ve had so much rain in the last week Mr ET had to mow twice.

  2. I totally agree about supporting local bookshops. I’ve had an Amazon-avoidance policy for the last couple of years, for physical books anyway. I occasionally get touching emails telling me how they miss me!

    • I must strengthen my resolve regarding Amazon. I have got so used to using it, but I think that is because our branch of Waterstones closed a few years ago and we were without a bookshop. Now it has reopened in a smaller location I really must get back into the habit of using it. 🙂

  3. Bookshops are fascinating places, Elaine. They have an atmosphere all of their own. That said, I too use Amazon merely because I can’t get to the bookshop most times… I’ve never received the ‘service’ you have from them, although I will now be more aware.

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