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Meander around Mevagissey harbour


It was quite early on a bright Saturday morning at the end of March and Mevagissey harbour was looking very attractive.  The tide was out and the boats just lay there, waiting for the water to come and release them.

We started by walking along the east wharf, past the very sheltered inner harbour, stopping to look back towards the town. There is a little museum here but it wasn’t open, sadly.

Walking on we went right to the end of the breakwater which forms part of the outer harbour and stood for a while watching the waves.

Looking across we could see the other side of the harbour and decided to retrace our steps and then walk along the west wharf to the lighthouse which marks the harbour entrance.

On our way to the lighthouse we had spotted a sign for the coastal path and decided to go up the steps and then loop round and back into town through the houses.  From the top we had great views of the harbour and buildings.

Walking down through the narrow streets we decided that a warming coffee was needed to finish off our little outing and there was no shortage of choices of cafes around the harbour from which to choose.

I’m linking this with Jo’s Monday Walk, where you will find lots of other lovely walks.


19 thoughts on “Meander around Mevagissey harbour

  1. Lovely weather for March

  2. I do like the polite notice ☺ Isn’t the ocean a gorgeous colour.

  3. It’s been a while since I went to Mevagissey, we had (or should I say I had) a delicious bowl of mussels in a tiny café there. We did the same walk as you along the harbour. Did you pop into the Lost Gardens then too? Note to self: MUST visit Heligan this year!!

  4. I’d like to visit Mevagissey, I think. I love the coastal charm.

  5. Had to google Mevagissey to see where it was. Looks gorgeous!!! And what lovely photos x

  6. Great photos, Elaine. I’m sure I did a jigsaw years ago of your second photo… it looks so familiar!

  7. Really love that last shot. It’s years since I was down that way but I loved our little stroll, Elaine, so thank you very much. 🙂 🙂

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