I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the early April edition


Dear April,  You’re here already – how did that happen?

Dear sunshine,  Thank you for starting this morning off with some of your bright loveliness.

Dear apostrophes,  I heard on the news this week that someone in the Bristol area is correcting your misuse on signs.  He goes out under cover of darkness with a supply of made to measure apostrophes and his specially crafted ‘apostrophiser’ and rights the wrongs.  What a hero!

Dear ‘law-abiding citizen’,  Did you really think I would fall for your friendly email telling me that you had received, by mistake, personal information about me that might fall into the wrong hands?  At first I was curious as to how you could have my email address and home address, but as I read on and got to the bit about opening the attached document to see exactly what you had received, using the password you provided, the alarm bells were ringing loud and clear.  I know I am not alone in receiving one of your public spirited messages, so I really hope that everyone did as I did and deleted you straight away.

Dear birds,  I’m sorry the bird bath was empty for a couple of days, but it’s full again so please come and enjoy it.


6 thoughts on “Friday letters – the early April edition

  1. We saw the apostrophe man on the news here too. He is a champion! I was talking to a friend who lives in Portsmouth and she said you’re having glorious weather. Yay!

  2. How delightful 🙂 Your post made me smile. Everything is bright and beautiful this weekend. Thank you, Caryl

  3. That was a wonderful news story about the apostrophiser, good on him.

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