I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the wet weather edition


Dear well known coffee shops, When you order a coffee, you can pay for an extra shot of coffee in your cup to make your coffee stronger.  Why does it not work in reverse?  Why is it that, when I ask for a one shot medium latte (the norm is to put two shots in a medium size cup), I do not get charged less?  Could I, theoretically, go into your shop with a friend who likes extra strong coffee and ask for the shot that I am not having to be put into their cup instead without them being charged extra?

Dear well known coffee shops,  Yes, another letter to you!  Why can you not get yourselves organised and all call the different sized cups the same thing?  It’s very confusing for the poor person like me who uses different coffee outlets.  Suppose I just want a small cup of coffee – should I ask for a small, a tall, a regular or a primo?  Maybe I’d like the next size up, but I can never remember if that’s the regular, the venti or the medio.  For the biggest cup of coffee maybe I need to ask for large, or is it grande, or maybe it’s a massimo.  Can’t you just call them small, medium and large, or maybe smallest, middle sized and biggest?  It would make my life a lot simpler!

Dear weather gods,  Thank you for the beautiful weather you provided for my drive up to Scotland last week.  The sun shone and the sky was blue which makes it almost a pleasure to drive from the Lake District onwards.  I was in a bit of a quandary – should I take my time so that I could enjoy the views, or should I make the most of the quiet roads and get to my destination as quickly as possible.  The same cannot be said for my return journey earlier this week.  You provided lovely weather in Scotland and for the first couple of hours of my driving in England but after that I was not at all impressed by the heavy grey skies and the rain which caused a lot of spray on the road.

Dear contents of the ironing basket,  I see you are at it again – multiplying when my back is turned.

Dear pile of books waiting to be read,  I am feeling very pleased with myself because you are looking quite a bit smaller!  Just recently my speed of reading has NOT been overtaken by my speed of buying new books.

Dear self, You’ve got lots to do today, so get on with it!


24 thoughts on “Friday letters – the wet weather edition

  1. I think you should try the “take a friend” idea and see if you can share your shots. I’d be interested to hear how that works out. It’s been very wet and foggy here today too.

  2. Your first letter is an excellent question – I think you should try it out and see what they say!

    The coffee chains here all insist on using either English or Italian names for the sizes of their cups – sometimes a mixture of the two, so there’ll be “Tall” and “Grande”. I get around it all my just saying small, medium or large in German 😉

  3. I’ll have a regular black americano with an extra shot but the extra shot is coming from elaine’s weaker-than-usual coffee

  4. I agree about the coffee shops! In Italy you don’t get any choice anyway!

  5. An excellent question about being charged for two shots rather than one. This happens to me often and paying over the odds for my choice is irritating. My requests to be charged less have so far been met only with a shrug of the shoulders and the response that there’s no option on the till for deducting the cost of the extra shot. I hope you have more success.

    I will definitely try out the ‘donating my extra shot to my friend’ idea. Thanks for that.

  6. Although the small, medium, large names might not be interesting enough for the coffee shops, as you said they’d make life much simpler! Loved today’s letters.

  7. Love this post.
    Weather Gods have a mean sense of humour.

  8. Thanks for the smiles, Elaine! Happy weekend 🙂 🙂

  9. Haha… I love your weekly letters, they so cheer me up. I avoid all coffee shops (as much as I can) and make my own!

  10. GREAT POST!! Love your Letters on a Friday. Such fun.
    ~ Cobs. x

  11. Love it, and ‘hear hear’ to the coffee shop letters. I often have to ask ‘how big is the small one?’ and the barista has to go and get cups to show me. If they had sample cups lined up on the counter with their sizes labelled I’d be able to tell what I want while waiting in the queue. One coffee shop’s small can easily be another’s medium (or any of the other names they like to give to it).

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