I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the first June edition


Dear young man in town,  It was so nice to see some good old fashioned manners the other day when you held the shop door open to allow me to go through before you.

Dear Marks and Spencers,  I would have thought that you would have paid careful attention to your grammar when preparing some new posters to make us aware, in store, of your travel money services.  There, plastered all over the place, are posters telling us the we should have ‘less worries’ and build more sandcastles (amongst other things).  Fewer worries.  Fewer!  Not less.  We could have less worry, but it must be fewer worries.  If you would like to employ me to pop along to one of your advertising/marketing meetings and point out a few simple grammar rules, I would be more than happy.  I am reminded of the time several years ago when you didn’t know how to use apostrophes correctly and had posters in store advertising CD’s and DVD’s for sale.  Thankfully I think someone had a word with you because I haven’t seen that sort of faux pas again.

Dear book pile,  Oh dear, I’ve been book shopping again.  I blame the book club I belong to.  When it’s my turn to choose the book for us to read, I think I am going to have to pick something that is already waiting so that I don’t have to add to you.

Dear fingernails,  Please can you sort yourselves out – there is too much snagging, splitting and flaking going on for my liking.  You used to be so reliable.

Dear peppermint tea,  Have I mentioned before that I like you?

Dear fresh mint tea,  I like you too, in fact I like you most of all, but I have no luck at all in growing mint successfully, so I have had to resort to tea bags.  Sorry.




9 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first June edition

  1. I’ve recently developed a liking for peppermint tea too, Elaine. It’s very refreshing. The “less/fewer” issue is so annoying. I’m always correcting people.

    • I was walking past a small group of schoolboys the other day (aged 11 or 12) and they were discussing the size of houses. One asked the others if they would rather have less bedrooms to allow for a games room. As I passed I was muttering ‘fewer’ under my breath. 🙂

  2. It’s those things that someone spends dollars to have printed up or published, complete with grammatical/punctuation errors that make me crazy. I once considered calling our local newspaper to see if they would hire a new proofreader when an article was discussing a “paragreen” falcon. Oh my!

  3. Did you send M&S a copy of this, Elaine? 🙂 🙂

  4. Bad grammar especially when it appears in print and on posters, is inexcusable. It always makes me cringe. Maybe you should try taking Biotin (Vitamin B7) for your badly behaved nails.

  5. The grammar and spelling errors make me cross too – mainly because M&S are probably paying some agency a fortune to produce these ads, so the least they can do is get them right!

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