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Friday letters – the warm and sunny edition


Dear weather,  What would we talk about here in the UK if we didn’t have such wildly variable weather.  Yesterday was pleasant and sunny and today looks as though it is going to be similar. The forecast for the weekend, certainly here in the south of England, is for hot and sunny.  No doubt we will complain about being too hot.  Just a few days ago we were complaining because it was a bit chilly for this time of year – we had to put jumpers and socks on and some of us even had to fire up the central heating.   We are never happy, but at least we always have something to talk about.

Dear garden,  You are looking nice and tidy after my efforts yesterday – I only wish you would stay like that.

Dear insects,  I hope you appreciate that when I cut the grass yesterday I left two patches of daisies and clover uncut.  It was tempting to leave the whole of the grass uncut (it is covered in clover, daisies, buttercups and other unidentified little flowers) for your needs, but the poor birds were getting lost in it.

Dear car,  I hope the drips that have appeared on the ground where you are parked are not something serious.

Dear mint plant,  So far so good.  I have had you for ten days now and you are still alive! 

Dear Barcelona,  I’m getting round to writing about you, I promise, but it’s a slow process.  In the meantime I’ll post another photo so that you don’t feel I am ignoring you.  It’s a photo of work in progress, although I hope my Barcelona posts will appear before this particular piece of work is finished!

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, June 2017







18 thoughts on “Friday letters – the warm and sunny edition

  1. It is hot here as well – too hot for me! I am British, I can’t function when it’s 33°C! It’s supposed to be a bit cooler today though.

  2. I’m chugging down the country using the National Coach Wifi at the moment so that’s my little bit of Friday gratitude. Those clouds are lurking but hopefully when I get to Nottingham all will be sunshine. In my heart if not the real thing. Have a good weekend Elaine xx

  3. Living also in the South of the Country (Dorset), I can relate to your feelings about the weather. It’s totally glorious here, but I’m fearful for the rise in temperature which they’re promised us. I don’t do ‘hot’ terribly well at all.

    The car drips … do you by any chance have air conditioning in your car? if so … that might very well be what the drip marks are. And if so … you don’t need to worry about it. It does that. If no air con … then I’ve afraid I’ve reached the end of my education regarding cars and have nothing else I can offer in the way of welcome advice. :/

    The mint plant .. I’m probably preaching to the converted (as the saying goes) but just in case you don’t know …. don’t plant mint directly into your garden, unless it’s a part of your garden that you don’t want anything else to grow in. Keep mint in pots (even fancy ones), because once mint is in your soil, it will take over THE WORLD! It’s an ambitious little darling, which I learned the hard way. It not only took over a part of my garden, but it spread under the fence and took over the flowerbed of my neighbours garden too. The only way I got rid of it in the end was to dig it up and then water the whole area in a strong solution of salt water. Sadly this meant that I couldn’t grow anything at all in that area for several years – so I placed pots of lovely flowers and evergreens there, until nature had dealt with the salty ground. But it thankfully got rid of the mint and taught me the lesson of ‘Mint is for Pots’. [sigh]

    Absolutely fabulous read. Love these weekly letters. Thank you so much for them all.
    They make such a truly GREAT read.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

    • The car drip did, indeed turn out to be the air con. I’ve had cars with air con for years, and know all about their drips, but this one was leaving stains, which is unusual. The garage checked it over thoroughly and could find no evidence of anything dripping apart from the air con. They explained that sometimes where the water from the air con gathers there can be a build up of dirt, which comes out with the drips. Oh well.
      Yes, I did know about keeping mint in a bucket/pot – having read many horror stories about it taking over gardens (I have lemon balm rampaging over mine because I made a mistake and planted it in the ground!).
      I’m glad you enjoy my Friday letters. 🙂

  4. The weather is indeed a great icebreaker subject. And I see you are keeping us all on tenterhooks waiting for the Spanish Inquistion images. I shall email you shortly re: birds but for now I am going outside to enjoy the warmth whilst it lasts 😀

  5. I love the idea of a flowery lawn. I’d be tempted to leave it all if the mowing was left to me. As for weather, we have had the most beautiful June, mostly sunny and around 19 degrees C every day. Perfect winter weather. 🙂 I hope you all manage to stay cool over the weekend.

  6. I wonder if they will ever be finished with that cathedral. 😕 Hope the weather cools down a bit before we arrive in England next week. The upstairs bedroom in MiL’s house gets so hot in summer. Car drips are usually not a good sign, so I should get someone to investigate. Good luck with the mint plant. 🙂 xx

    • They hope to be finished the cathedral by 2026, but there’s so much still to be done that I can’t see it happening.
      Our weather forecasters predict that by this weekend the temperatures will be back to a more normal range for this time of year, so I think you will be ok. 🙂

  7. Great pic. Looking forward to your Spanish post.

    I never moan about the weather when it’s cold, so I feel fully entitled to complain non-stop when the temperature goes above 23 degrees!

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