I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the summer solstice edition


Dear summer solstice,  You certainly made your presence felt with record temperatures.  In fact, Wednesday was the hottest June day since 1976. It’s hard to think that we are now on the downhill slope to winter.

Dear football pitches,  When was it decided that you would be used as a unit of measurement.  In the last few days I have heard several things being described as having e.g. the “area of about six football pitches”.  I have a vague idea of the dimensions of a football pitch, so can use that to work things out, but it’s only rough.  At school we learn about metres, centimetres, feet and inches etc, and practise measuring using them, but we don’t learn about football pitches.  There must also be some confusion over which type of football pitch we are talking about – soccer, Gaelic football, American football, Australian rules, Subbuteo, there are so many.  So when I hear that a building is about the size of six football pitches, how big is it really?

Dear insects,  You must be extra happy this week.  I left two small patches of clover and daisies on the grass last week for you and now the whole grassy area is covered in clover flowers (white and purple) and various other wild flowers. It looks quite pretty and I hope you are making the most of it.

Dear mint plant,  Another week and you are still alive – keep it up!

Dear shops,  How can you possibly be advertising ‘back to school’ items already – the current school term hasn’t even finished!  Let the poor children and teachers have a break before you remind them that the new year is just around the corner.

Letter box, Old Grammar School Gardens, Fowey, Cornwall


15 thoughts on “Friday letters – the summer solstice edition

  1. Ha! I always used to think that about the ‘Back to School’ signs in shops. Noooooooo!!! Your comment about the football pitches really made me chuckle. I hadn’t thought about it before but I’ll be looking out for it now!

    • I think the Back to School thing is a ploy to get parents to buy now, get names written on everything, and then discover that their child has had a growth spurt over the summer and nothing fits, so they have to go and buy it all again! Of course, the original things couldn’t be returned because they’d been ‘used’.

  2. Well said Elaine. And a post box for me too!!

  3. What a lovely letter box! 🙂 🙂 Summer Solstice has been and gone and we’re back to damp and gloom up here. 😦

  4. I’d love to see a photo of your blossomy lawn, Elaine. I would show it to Mr ET and encourage him to do the same thing with ours.

  5. I think it was many Moons ago when they started measuring in football pitches, Elaine. For me though, they may as well be measuring in thousands of apples as I can’t perceive either in my mind’s eye! 🙄

  6. I strongly agree about the football pitches, who dreamt that up as a unit of measurement? I never find it helpful, since I can’t really imagine the size of several football pitches, never mind one. I like the old postbox, that’s lovely, and unusual in green livery.

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