I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the dreich weather edition


Dear weather gods,  What you are offering this week, compared to last week, is quite unimpressive for the end of June.  I would like to put in a request for some dry weather please while I am based here in Scotland, not just so that I can get on with outdoor tasks without getting soaked, but so that I can enjoy the scenery.  I think we have had enough rain thank you very much – everything is looking green and well watered, so there are no worries on that score, and what they  need now is some dry brightness.

Dear Scottish school children,  I feel so sorry that the first day of your summer holidays, yesterday, was so wet and miserable.

Dear Motorways,  Thank you for being trouble free when I was driving north at the start of the week.

Dear Barcelona,  I’m sorry that another week has passed without a post about you, but I have a lot on at the moment – maybe next week I’ll have more time.

Dear self,  Why can you never remember all the things you were going to write lots of letters about?


16 thoughts on “Friday letters – the dreich weather edition

  1. I can absolutely relate to that last letter.
    Great post Elaine. Enjoyable from start to finish.
    Sending hugs ~ Cobs. x

  2. Amen to that first one. Apparently Edinburgh had it’s wettest June on record this year. The plants are very well watered and now they need a bit of warm sunshine to make them burgeon. Enjoy your time in Scotland. 🙂

  3. Dreich weather, Elaine? Never! 🙂 🙂 I’m imagining puffy white clouds in a pure blue sky. I have to imagine it, because the weather is just as bad here in the north east. Summer phase 2 must be just around the corner? 🙂

  4. if it is any consolation you are not on your own. I have even lit the woodburner this evening!!

  5. Yup, dreich alright! Yesterday was appalling.

  6. I don’t mind the rain compared to the hot heat, Elaine, but a nice normal nice Summer’s day would be nice as well… hope you get to enjoy the scenery soon!
    As for remembering what to write about, well. I can’t help you there. My memory is so bad I just have to type away with my letters and sort them out later…!

  7. I hope the weather has improved since you wrote this letter, Elaine. We’re in Hervey Bay, on the Queensland coast, at the moment and the temperature is 23 degrees. Perfect winter weather. 🙂

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