I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the sun, sea and sand edition


Dear Californian blue skies and sunshine, You are a very welcome sight and I am enjoying basking in your warmth for a week or two.  There’s nothing much nicer than walking along a beach with the sun shining, the water sparkling and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Dear fingers,  What is wrong with you today – you don’t seem to be able to type two words in a row without getting the letters in the wrong order, or missing some out completely.

Dear finger nails,  Just when I was congratulating myself on you being back to your usual strength, one broke, which is very annoying.

Dear hummingirds,  I wonder why you are called hummingbirds, when actually you make more of an electronic buzzing sound?  Perhaps buzzingbird doesn’t sound quite so good.

Dear self,  Why on earth did you forget to bring a camera on this trip?  Luckily a mobile phone takes quite decent photos these days, but I am really missing the zoom function of a camera.

Dear readers,  I hope you have a good Friday.



14 thoughts on “Friday letters – the sun, sea and sand edition

  1. Beautiful beach, Elaine. I hope you’re well away from the terrible fires sweeping California at the moment.

  2. Grateful for the chuckle today – buzzingbird really doesn’t have the charm.

  3. Could be Cornwall 😀
    Whereabouts are you visiting this time around? SD again?

  4. The phone camera is doing a nice job anyway. That beach looks amazing.

  5. Which part of California are you visiting? I hope you’re nowhere near the fires. Keep safe and enjoy your time. 🙂

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