I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the cloudy edition


Dear clouds,  What are you doing in the sky?  I am in the San Diego area of California where there is supposed to be perfect weather.  Perfect weather, in my book,  does not include clouds – apart from maybe the odd artful, white whispy one which drifts across the beautiful blue sky, or light ones that appear in the evening to make the sunset more interesting.  Perfect weather certainly does not include cloudy skies which obscure the blue and block out the sun for over an hour at a time! There is even some suggestion that it might rain!  From a purely selfish point of view, with no regard at all for the fact that the region needs the water, I hope this is just a temporary state of affairs.

Dear tissues in the washing machine,  You are tricky little things, aren’t you? Where do you hide?  I check the pockets of items before I put them in the machine and then when the wash has finished there’s that tell-tale white stuff over all of the clothes.  You always seem to appear in a dark wash too.  I know that in a white wash you wouldn’t be so obvious, but I cannot think of a single occasion where I have discovered tissue covered washing after a white load.

Dear people watching videos on your phones,  Is this a new acceptable thing?  More and more I am hearing the sounds of people catching up on the news, sporting events, You Tube videos or ‘hilarious’ clips from friends in situations where you would normally expect things to be quite quiet – in a cafe or on the train for example.  When did it become ok to invade our lives with your entertainment? Use earphones!  It’s sometimes annoying to hear the tinny bass sounds emanating from someone’s earphones when they have their music too loud on the train, but at least they are making the effort to keep it to themselves.

Dear readers,  I have been a bit grumpy in these letters, so here’s a Snoopy cartoon to lighten things up.



17 thoughts on “Friday letters – the cloudy edition

  1. Tissues hide in jeans’ pockets!
    Other people’s noise is always so irritating – fortunately being a recluse means I don’t have to put up with it very often 😀

  2. Dear Elaine – Mother Nature is not a kind, generous soul, hence clouds where there are usually none.
    Tissues in the washing machine after you’re certain you’ve emptied pockets is also a plot – the intention being to make you crazy.
    Cell phone conversations as people walk through stores are also annoying. Why can’t you find a relatively private space in which to carry on your conversations, or, better yet, use texting. I really don’t want to have you think I’m listening in when I overhear.

  3. Quite appropriate because I’m over ar an Algarve neighbour’s cat feeding and using her Wifi and it’s cloudy here too. I don’t mind though because I have a few weeks to play with. Enjoy the rest of your stay! 🙂 🙂

  4. Clouds? In the sky? How very dare they, Elaine! 😀 They’ve promised to move on…

  5. I’m with you, Elaine. Sneaky tissues are so annoying and it’s even worse when you check carefully and miss one. Poor Snoopy, he’s a bit grumpy too.

  6. Tissues in pockets are the bane of my life. I, like you, check pockets before putting a wash on but it’s incredible how often a rogue tissue appears like magic and sticks to everything in the wash. I’m sorry to say I’ve also had it in a whites wash. I agree with you on the phone noise thing. I was out walking in a wood yesterday, a place you would imagine people go for peace and the joys of nature. A chap walking his dog passed me with something playing on his phone, echoing out amongst the trees. Mobile phones are very handy but I fear them taking over all the quiet spaces of the earth if people don’t curb their use of them sometimes.

    • Could that man in the woods not manage a simple walk, enjoying nature, without something to entertain him? It’s ridiculous. We were walking last weekend in a coastal park – it was quite busy, and most people were chatting as they walked along, or just enjoying companionable silence. However… there were two sets of couples who had music playing to accompany them on their walks. Really? Thankfully the music was quite not of ghetto blaster proportions, but I was still astonished by it.

  7. Oh, those annoying tissues! We’ve all dealt with them in our laundry. I know the feeling about clouds when you’re expecting a sunny holiday! I can so relate. And yes, what is it with people watching and listening to often-loud videos in public places?

  8. Elaine,
    Himself has perfected the art of hiding tissues. I don’t check everything first (except mine) because I wash it, dry it and fold it, they have to do the checking themselves first. I just tell Himself and then rewash everything… he starts checking then because he’s Dutch enough that the extra wash annoys him. It’s the mens pants and shorts with a thousand pockets in them that are the culprit.

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