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Friday letters – the square photo #23 edition


Dear UK,  It has been lovely to have a visit home (yes, I know we had barely arrived in California and here I am back again) and make a whirlwind tour of the country via air, train and car visiting family and friends, but I think I’ll be ready for a rest on the eleven hour flight at the start of next week.

Dear weather gods,  The poor people of Britain have had enough of the Beast from the East and his younger sibling, the Mini Beast from the East.  Just when they thought that the unusual quantities of snow and chilly weather were over, apparently there might be more at the Easter weekend.  What about the poor trees that are trying to come into blossom, or the daffodils that are already blooming?  They won’t cope with another cold snap – please take pity on them.

Dear black pencil skirts,  Where are you hiding?  It’s not me who is looking for you, but there seems to be a general lack of unruffled, unfussy, decent quality black skirts available in the shops.

Dear 42nd Street,  What a show!  It was fabulous tap-dancing and singing energy from start to finish – I loved it.   Your dancers must be very fit indeed to be able to dance so energetically for so long, and to be able to sing at the same time was amazing.

Dear self,  You just can’t get away from them this month, can you? Even when unpacking boxes of kitchen things there are circles inside a square!

Posted as part of Becky’s March Square.


6 thoughts on “Friday letters – the square photo #23 edition

  1. I love your squares! And how lovely for you to be back so soon, even if only fleetingly. I don’t envy you the flight back though. Unless you are flying business class of course. Then it might not be too bad. I recall trying to find plain skirts a problem back in the days when I could fit into a pencil skirt! Usually ended up having to buy a suit.

  2. I’d love to see that show too! 🙂 🙂 And I love your square/circles. Have a great weekend! Hope the weather behaves.

  3. You’ve done a great job of the square photo challenge, Elaine. I hope the weather improves before you leave.

  4. What fun you’ve had this week, albeit I don’t envy you the weather. And hee hee re the circles they are definitely catching!

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