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Finishing the challenge where I started (Roof Squares #30)


My first roof square was from Barcelona and so is this last one (I could probably have done all 30 days of the challenge using Barcelona roofs, but decided to diversify a bit!).  This is the roof of the Porters’ Lodge at Park Guell – another place designed by the inventive and innovative Antoni Gaudi.  The patterns and colours are created using small, irregular mosaic pieces – the detail is just amazing.

Today I am linking with Six Word Saturday and Becky’s #RoofSquares.



9 thoughts on “Finishing the challenge where I started (Roof Squares #30)

  1. Park Guell and anything by Gaudi, is a perfect place to start and end, Elaine. This one is beautiful. 🙂

  2. It looks so realistic, as if you could pick it up and fold it.

  3. Elaine,
    You already know I like your style but you have outdone yourself with this post. What an amazing roof, haha I bet the contractors said: “Gaudi wants WHAT?!!!” But the end result is so beautiful….

  4. Do you think he spent lots of time around bakers when he was a child, as all I can see when I look at this is a Gingerbread cake with lots of icing!!

    Wonderful way to finish, thank you so much for joining in. And my profuse apologies it has taken me so long to visit.

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