I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the In the Pink Squares #14 edition


Dear iced coffee,  Well I must say I have had my eyes opened (and my tastebuds tickled, and my waist measurement increased) by the difference between what I have been experiencing in the UK and the USA and what I enjoyed in Australia.  There was no cup of cold coffee with a load of ice cubes in it.  No, this one went the whole hog and had cold, creamy, milky strong coffee with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream on the top.  It’s going to be hard to go back to the ‘normal’ ones after sampling that.

Dear ‘reasonable period of time’,  I was looking at the Returns Policy of an online clothing store and if I were to return something because it was faulty I would receive a notification email with details of my refund ‘within a reasonable period of time’.  What on earth does that mean?  What is reasonable to me might be quite unreasonable to someone else.  I think you are really rather vague.  A day or two might be considered a reasonable period of time, but perhaps a week or two is, or is it a month?   I suppose it depends what we are talking about…  If a pan of water comes to the boil in a reasonable period of time, I might expect that to be a few minutes, but if I was allowing enough time to walk 100 miles, then obviously a reasonable period of time would be much, much longer.  You really are rather vague.

Dear hummingbirds,  I wish you weren’t such territorial creatures because I would like to be able to enjoy more than one of you on the feeder at a time. Maybe I just have one very agressive visitor to my garden, and this is not how you normally behave, but as soon as another bird heads towards the feeder it is seen off with some agressive chirping and swooping.

Dear ‘In the Pink’ challenge, Here is my contribution for day 14 –  a fabulous mural in the tunnel/underpass at Katoomba Railway Station.

Katoomba, New South Wales

In case you were wondering about the iced coffee… here it is and not an ice cube in sight!

Have a good Friday.

September Squares


21 thoughts on “Friday letters – the In the Pink Squares #14 edition

  1. What! You mean iced coffee isn’t like this everywhere?

  2. Happy weekend, Elaine! 🙂 🙂

  3. Ah, Aussies make good coffee (and Kiwis too) and I was similarly addicted to their iced coffees. As you say cold coffee with ice cubes is a total let down.

  4. If it’s iced coffee I want, I want it blended with yummy stuff – ice cream, yogurt, chocolate – load it up!
    Hummingbirds, for all their delicate size, certainly don’t have a delicate demeanor. The males seem to have that “little guy” crappy attitude.

  5. From what i’ve seen in documentaries, and at the Nat History Museum in LA, I’d say you have an aggressive hummingbird. I get as many as 3 at a time but 1 chases all the others. At the museum, their feeders often have 6 hummingbirds at a time. Add that they have many feeders and you can imagine what a great experience it is!! I think I stayed in their garden, watching hummingbirds (and meeting Thomas Lennon), for about an hour!

  6. And I thought our delicious Australian version, full of decadent ingredients, was normal until I travelled in UK and USA. I got a ghastly one in Singapore once. It was a tall glass of cold black coffee. It didn’t even have any ice!

  7. That mural is amazing! I am going to has to pass though on the iced coffee even if it is miles better than the Brits and the Yankees. Can’t stand the taste of coffee in anything!

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