I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

Friday letters – the first October 2018 edition


Dear California,  Hello, it’s me, I’m back.  I’m glad the weather is still pleasant, because I’ve got quite used to that after the lovely weather of the last week or so back in Scotland and England.

Dear Californian people,  I was amused by your attitude to the threatening rain-clouds this morning.  You were talking about them as though they were things of wonder (which I suppose they are really) and clearly something you hadn’t seen for quite a while!  Please don’t rain yet – I’m enjoying all this dry weather.

Dear British drivers,  I’ve only been away for six months and it came as quite a surprise to me to hear so many car/lorry/bus horns being used during the last 10 days.  You are a very unforgiving and impatient bunch of people.  At traffic lights it seemed as though the tooting started a nano-second after the traffic lights had changed to green.  When cars were waiting to come out of a side road into a busier road, the tooting started if the poor unfortunate driver at the front of the queue hesitated for more than the briefest of moments.  It made me realise, again, just how rarely I hear a car horn being used here.  You could all do with calming down a bit and I’m sure your blood pressure would be the better for it.

Dear self,  Well done for keeping up the exercise last week and walking almost everywhere.  The extra cakes and lattes were worked off no sooner than they had been consumed!

Dear Talk Like a Pirate Day,  I’m sorry I missed you.  I had no idea that you were on September the 19th – perhaps you didn’t advertise yourself well enough, because I would like to have marked the occasion by going around all day saying ‘Aarrrr’ and ‘Ahoy matey’, dancing hornpipes,  swashing my buckle (though I have no idea how to do that!), and wearing a parrot on my shoulder.  Oh well, maybe next year.

P.S.  Why are pirates called pirates?

…. they just aarrrrrrr.

Have a good Friday.


7 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first October 2018 edition

  1. Oh, lovely. Savage Chickens are back!

  2. bonus points for the bad joke.
    Talk Like A Pirate Day apparently wasn’t too popular this year. I forgot till I saw ONE fb post about it, very late at night.
    I’m very envious of your getaways.
    We got 2 min of big sprinkles in the LBC and only “partially cloudy” each of the predicted “OMG… SOO MUCH RAIN!” days. I would have enjoyed more clouds for just a day or two.

    • Thank you for your appreciation of my bad joke. 🙂 I’m quite happy with no rain and clouds – I had more than enough of that when I lived in Scotland. However, I do understand that water is needed, so perhaps it could rain at night? And maybe half of the hours of daylight could be cloudy? Not all of them.

  3. Good job keeping up with your exercise plan while you were travelling, Elaine. It’s not easy to manage that, but worth the cake consumption if you can.

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