I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure

December squares #5


The Great Australian Clock hangs in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.

Clockmaker Christopher Cook’s animated turret clock tells the story of Australian history from both European and Aboriginal perspectives through the use of 27 paintings, 33 picture scenes, 867 light bulbs and over 130 hand carved figurines. It also includes 32 smaller clocks showing major city times.

For Becky’s December square photo challenge  we are invited to share photos of our interpretation of ‘time’.


20 thoughts on “December squares #5

  1. What a wonderful clock! I particularly like the fact that it aims to tell the country’s story from the Aboriginal perspective as well as the European one.

  2. This is lovely, how did I miss it? Or did I? I shall have to have a look in my Aussie archives when I get back home.

  3. I’ve seen this clock, it’s amazing and huge too.

  4. This is so gorgeous. I’d love to see it, but your photos are great. 👏🏻😍

  5. wow that’s a big and incredible clock. I never saw that on my travels, I wish i had known about it.

  6. I’ve walked past this clock many times but never knew it did all that! I must look more closely the next time.

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