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Friday letters – the first post of 2019 edition


Dear 2019, Hello and welcome. 

Dear man with the owl collection at Bowness on Windermere,  It was delightful to get the opportunity to hold a Little Owl.  I had no idea how little they actually are, and it was very tempting just to pop it into my pocket and take it away with me.  The Eurasian Eagle Owl was quite the opposite and would have been rather problematic both to hold, and to conceal about my person if I had wanted to take it.  I had no idea quite how large they actually are! Your display was a wonderful opportunity to see so many different owls together in one place.

Dear hotel near Ambleside in the Lake District, You really need to train your staff in what ‘dairy free’ milk means.  The young lady at the table next to me at breakfast asked for soya milk.  When that wasn’t available she asked if there was almond milk, or some other type of dairy free milk.  The members of staff who were trying to help said that they didn’t have either soya, or almond, but could offer semi-skimmed or skimmed milk if they would do.  The guest’s reply was rather politer than mine might have been at that point, considering that she had checked before booking her stay that her dairy free diet could be catered for.

Dear motorways of Great Britain,  Thank you very much for staying clear and trouble free for the journeys we’ve made since I last wrote to you.  I noticed a few traffic cones doing sterling work on the southern reaches of the M1, but they didn’t seem to be hindering the cars unduly, which was great. Three cheers for you.

Dear Loch Venacher,  You were looking good, and very full, when we passed you on our way south last week.  In this photo your skies look very dramatic, but thankfully the rain held off and we enjoyed mainly blue skies.

img_1842 (1)

Loch Venacher, Trossachs

Have a good Friday.


20 thoughts on “Friday letters – the first post of 2019 edition

  1. what a lovely week you have had 🙂

  2. Owls are lovely creatures, aren’t they? I was hoping for a photo, but difficult when you’re holding one. 🙂 🙂 And that is a very beautiful lake shot. Have a great weekend, Elaine!

  3. Dear Elaine – so good to read these cheery letters this year – made me smile not least the traffic cones – coming back up the MI after boxing day was all traffic and no workers!
    wishing you all the best for 2019

  4. Your weekly letters are something I very much look forward to with your wonderful tongue-in-cheek humour! Seems like you have had a lovely holiday over here with much better weather than we have had. Sun? I’m beginning to wonder what it looks like. And such a shame there are no owl photos, they really are such magnificent creatures. Safe travels ‘home’ 🙂

    • We were very lucky in Scotland and had a few days which were dry with some sun, but we also had some very dreich ones. However I’d say, on balance that our whole trip so far has had more dry weather than wet which is always a bonus. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy my Friday nonsense. 🙂

  5. Stunning picture. Loved your post.

  6. How nice that you were treated to beautiful weather for your visit. The Trossachs is such a pretty area.

  7. Enjoyed your letter, Elaine. Gorgeous photo. Happy weekend. 😘

  8. Ah, the frustrations of being veggie or vegan when travelling! *Sigh*

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