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Friday letters – the here and there edition


Dear airline companies,  I’d like to make a suggestion on the subject of loading passengers on to your planes.  As things are at the moment, the passengers with seats nearer the front of the plane are asked to board first followed by the people with the seats behind them and so on until the last group of passengers asked to board is the one sitting earest the back.  Surely it would make more sense for the passengers sitting nearer the back of the plane to board first and gradually board the other groups ending with the ones sitting nearest the front.  This way those who are sitting nearer the back of the plane do not have to stand in the passage ways while the people who are already on the plane sort their belongings out and put their bags and coats into the overhead lockers before taking their seats and allowing the standing passengers to pass. I’m sure a time and motion study would show that this is a much more time effective way of doing things as more people can be settling into their seats at the same time and fewer people would just be standing around waiting to get to their assigned place.  It would also mean that those sitting near the front of the plane (who have often paid a lot more to be sitting there) would not have to be subjected to the constant stream of passengers moving past on their way to seats further back and the airline staff who are dispensing welcome drinks to them would not be battling to get through the crowds with said drinks. 

Dear Somerset House, London,  Describing the Good Grief Charlie Brown exhibition as something that we should ‘allow an hour’ to look at was a gross misrepresentation of the amount of time it actually took.  Yes an hour might mean everything could be looked at, but if you wanted to read all the information on Schultz, read all the cartoons, reminisce at the collection of memorabilia, read one or two of the thirty paperpack cartoon books available for our enjoyment, watch the Peanuts film, watch the interview with Schultz himself, admire the artwork inspired by the cartoons and draw your own cartoons to add to a wall display, then an hour was quite definitely not enough time.  Even two hours was pushing it and then we didn’t have enough time to enjoy a drink in the Warm Puppy Cafe.  Having said that, it was a very enjoyable trip down memory lane for me, and I even learned a thing or two along the way.

Dear Brtish Airways,  I’d like to thank you for the slightly improved food offerings on my most recent flight.  There is, however,  still room for improvement, so don’t think you can rest on your laurels now.

Dear self,  The only way to eat an elephant is to take it one bite at a time, and this is how you are going to have to approach the long list of things that need to be done now that you have returned from a three week trip. 

Credit : savagechickens.com

Have a good Friday – I hope your day has as many hours in it as you need.


7 thoughts on “Friday letters – the here and there edition

  1. Some airlines do allow the rear passengers on first. It does make a lot of sense. Of course by first I am referring to the economy class folk without children or disabilities. Flying is certainly not the glamorous mode of travel it once was.

    • Ah, I have obviously not travelled with those airlines! If I was turning left when I got on the plane, I would be more than happy to be on there first to enjoy the comfort for which I had paid through the nose. 🙂 There would also be no problem with the economy passengers pushing past me to get to their seats!

  2. Yes, your plan makes a great deal of sense. Full up from the back and do the opposite when departing. I can never understand why people instantly stand up and queue in the aisle when they can’t go anywhere. Pleased to hear you enjoyed the Snoopy exhibition.

  3. I have always wondered why they don’t marshall passengers in seating order at the check in counter. On the occasions I’ve flown boarding is often happening at both ends of the plane at once and you usually end up being stuck standing while people arrange their baggage, climb over others to reach the window seat etc. It might seem like a lot of work but if they had passengers board in blocks of seats with window seat passengers and their companions boarding first and aisle seat passengers afterwards it would be a much more comfortable process for everyone.

    • It’s the standing in the aisle waiting for people to organise themselves that really gets me. On this flight the man who was sitting next to me (I was in an aisle seat) was taking FOREVER to decide what he needed to take out of his capacious bag to amuse himself during the flight. He had no sense of the fact that he was keeping many people waiting! I think the budget airlines (or maybe it’s the smaller planes) have the right idea in loading people from both ends of the plane. I do like your idea of seating the window people first then the others.

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