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Friday letters – the sunny San Diego edition


Dear weather,  Thank you very much for reading, and acting on, my letter last week.  From Saturday onwards the weather has been lovely in the San Diego area.  The UK delegates who arrived at the weekend to attend the annual conference were thrilled to be able to walk outside in blue skies and sunshine, with only a light jacket needed in the evening.

Dear planners of San Diego,  I have heard a rumour that you are demolishing Seaport Village, on the waterfront.  What a travesty if it turns out to be true!  It’s such a charming area, and very popular with tourists and locals alike with its little shops and restaurants.  I am hoping that there has been a miscommunication and the building of restaurants, shops and another hotel will be done on the presently unoccupied land near the water rather than having to do any demolition.

Dear Museum of Man, Balboa Park,  Well, when I agreed to go to your exhibition on cannbalism I had no idea just how interesting it would turn out to be.  It was quite thought provoking actually, as well as being educational.  We  spent a very interesting couple of hours there.

Dear themed 1960s/70s evening,  What a lot of fun you turned out to be with many people entering into the spirit of it and dressing in a selection of of outfits from those two decades.  I think all the people (about 75% of the total guest list) who didn’t dress up felt a little left out.

Dear San Diego hotel, I loved the view from our bedroom window and could happily have spent hours just watching the world go by, but there was coffee to be drunk and old friends to catch up with so I didn’t do as much of that as I could have coped with.

Have a good Friday – I hope your weather isn’t preventing you from doing the things you want/need to do.


13 thoughts on “Friday letters – the sunny San Diego edition

  1. It would be a great shame if they changed Seaport Village. I loved wandering around there and the lovely marina walk.

  2. We had a 60s and 70s party once, in the days when we could be bothered having parties. It would be interesting to post the pictures – though, on second thoughts, there might be people who would never speak to me again, including my husband, so maybe not …

  3. I’ve been thinking I might have a 60s themed party for my 60th birthday, especially since I was born in the 60s. I reckon it would be great fun. I’m so pleased that the weather came good for you all in time and judging by your photo it looks glorious. You’re lucky the cannibalism exhibition wasn’t interactive!

  4. Sounds wonderful, Elaine. I’m not a great contender for fancy dress at parties, but it’s fun to see what the more adventurous come up with. 🙂

  5. I love everything about SD except the price of hotel rooms!!
    San Pedro’s “Ports o Call” was torn down to make way for a new waterfront project. It was long overdue… I had fond memories of going there in my youth but when I went a couple years ago it was a dump. A quick google indicates that SD is getting both a new waterfront project and a remodel of the existing SeaPort, which includes the existing Seaport Village. But it’s just in concept phase now.. won’t break ground till 2021. https://www.enr.com/blogs/12-california-views/post/43690-san-diego-seaport-project-to-transform-waterfront?post_id=43690-san-diego-seaport-project-to-transform-waterfront

  6. What a view!

    Clearly you are influential with the weather. Might you share your secret in a future post?

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