I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure



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Friday letters – the rather damp round the edges edition

Dear rain,  Please consider this polite request to take yourself off somewhere else.  We have had more than enough now – the deserts are flowing with water, sand bags have been installed in front of some properties and the reservoirs have been topped up nicely. 

Dear Walmart,  Why do you sell wellington boots for children and men but not for women?  Are we just expected to get our feet wet?

Dear Californians,  It’s not unknown for it to rain here (though not normally in this quantity and for such a prolonged period) so why would so many of you not own a waterproof jacket?  A flimsy umbrella in the face of torrential rain and strong winds doesn’t really afford much protection!

Dear UPS delivery service,  I had assumed that you would not have had access to our locked mailboxes.  If I had known that you do, I would not have spent quite so long, with a torch, in the pouring rain on Wednesday night, searching all around our property for the package which we had been notified had been delivered succesfully.  Next time I will know to look in the mailbox in the first instance.

Dear local lagoon,  It wasn’t all about the rain during the past week.  There were one or two blinks of sunshine so late one afternoon we arrived on your shores for a walk and enjoyed a nice sunset just as we were on the return leg.

Have a good Friday – I hope your weather is better than it was last week!


A dragonfly and a fish out of water

A day or two after Christmas, feeling the effects of our indulgences and to make room for more treats, a walk in the fresh air was called for.  The weather was very dull and chilly but, undeterred, we set off for Loch Ard in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park with the idea that we might follow part of the sculpture trail and walk round Lochan Spling.  It was such a gloomy day that my photos seem quite dark.  I’ve brightened them a little, but didn’t want to over do it.  The sculptures are by Rob Mulholland, who also created the mirror figures I featured in this post.

From the car park we headed off through the forest with misty views over bracken to the hills in the distance…

There were no bright flowers to break up the misty autumnal colour palette, but we enjoyed the fresh, sharp winter air and discussed the important matters of the day as we walked along  – Mary Poppins Returns, what was for dinner, which board game we would play later, the hilarity of the previous evening’s debating game…

Rounding a bend in the path, we caught sight of Lochan Spling with its thin layer of ice and one of the sculptures that is part of the separate sculpture trail.

Dragonfly, Rob Mulholland

Keeping the lochan to our right we walked on, not sure what the next sculpture was going to be.  We hadn’t realised that it was going to be another one out on the flat calm, icy water and another with a perfect reflection.

Rob Muholland

The mist was starting to roll in now from the other end of the lochan so we made haste to continue our walk.

The Forestry Commission has been hard at work, clearing some areas and replanting.

Finally we completed the two and a half mile circular walk by crossing back over Duchray Water, pausing to admire the abundant lichen which means healthy air which is, of course, what we came out for!

If you enjoyed this bracing walk, then join Jo for more walks (should you have the energy).


Friday letters – the not too grumpy edition

Dear local swimming pool,  Yes, it’s me writing to you again.  I’m just singing your praises once more – it is so uplifting to swim under clear blue skies and with the odd bird soaring in the air high above.  Oh, and the drive there yesterday was wonderful – it was such a clear day that in the distance I could see snow covered mountains. 

Dear Women’s Resource Center,  I went to a talk about you on Wednesday, and found out what a wonderful facility you are for women (and men) who have suffered from domestic abuse/violence or sexual assault.  It’s sad that we should need such a place, but good to know that you exist and can offer such excellent support.

Dear rain,  Thank goodness you have decided to stop for a while.  I see you are on your way back for the weekend, but a few days without you has been lovely.

Dear Amazon delivery person,  Why didn’t you ring the bell, or knock on the door, when you came with a parcel on a day when the rain was torrential?  I do find it very convenient that you leave parcels either by the door, or just inside the gate, if I am out but I wish you’d ring the bell too because often I am actually in!  Luckily on that very wet day you had the foresight to wrap the box safely in a plastic bag.

Dear cyclist wearing dark clothes on a dull and gloomy day,  You didn’t even have lights on your bike – you are just asking for trouble.  I think you must be a British rider here on holiday and haven’t cottoned on to the fact that everyone here tends to wear bright clothes and often have lights on their bikes even when the sun is shining.

Dear Self,  Have a pat on the back for all the filing you managed to do this week.  The files in the filing cabinet are much more organised now.

Have a good Friday – I hope your weather isn’t too wet/snowy/chilly/hot/dry.