I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Weekly photo challenge: temporary

These ice creams didn’t last long!

Diagon Alley, Universal Studios, Orlando

Weekly Photo Challenge



Early November walk by the canal

Late afternoon on a sunny day in early November seemed like the perfect opportunity for a stroll in the park and along by the canal.

Walking up the path towards the canal bridge, there are signs of autumn on the ground, but there are still plenty of green leaves on these trees.

I took a brief detour to look at the site of an old, small watermill, which you can’t usually access, but water levels were low and so I could get over to it.

I then resumed my usual route, crossing the canal bridge first before walking along the tow path.


The autumn colours were glowing in the late afternoon.

This large watermill has been turned into apartments.

On my way back now and this narrow boat owner had decided it was chilly enough to light the fire.

I don’t blame him – I was headed home for a warming drink.

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A look back at wonderful poppies

As today is the 11th of November I thought I’d look back at some photos I took when I visited the amazing display at the Tower of London two years ago.  I was lucky enough to be able to buy one of the poppies from that display and it is now making a small display of its own in my garden.

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Friday letters – the latest edition

Dear ‘Don’t Drink and Drive’ motorway signs, On my many drives up to and back from Scotland I have often seen this instruction displayed on the electronic boards above the motorway, along with helpful advice about wearing seatbelts and checking tyre pressures.  I am not sure whether you mean I should not be drinking from a water bottle/coffee cup etc while I am behind the wheel and moving along, or whether you mean that I should not have an alcoholic drink before driving.  Perhaps you could be clearer – maybe an illustration of some kind would help me.

Dear traffic cones,  It was nice to see relatively few of you on my most recent long journey.  Of course I suppose that means that poor motorists in other parts of the country must be suffering.

Dear laundry,  I’ve done enough – please stop breeding in the wash basket.  

Dear brain,  Please will you switch off at night – well, maybe not from the essential tasks like breathing and so on, but the whirling confusion of all the things you find to think about when I really should be sleeping.

Dear jet trails in the sky,  I’m sure I read somewhere that you are classed as clouds, which surprised me.  You were looking good the other day when I went for a late afternoon walk in the park.


Have a good Friday everyone.





Friday letters – the autumn leaves edition

Dear November, Hello – you seem to have come round rather quickly and have brought with you the chilly misty mornings.  It’s time to look out my gloves and warmer coat.

Dear technology,  Why do you always decide to do prolonged updates when I am in a hurry and want to shut you down?

Dear self,  Despite your experiences last week, why did you find yourself in the supermarket again on a Thursday?  Luckily is wasn’t too bad as the children are back at school again.

Dear party people,  Did you really think it was a good idea to set off fireworks after midnight earlier this week?  I feel that anything after 10pm is too late, but after midnight is just ridiculous.

Dear squirrels,  You must be very tired with all that frenzied rushing around and scrabbling in the ground looking for buried ‘treasure’.  I heard recently that you don’t actually remember where you have previously buried things, but just randomly dig in the hope of finding something that someone has buried there.  Here I was thinking how clever you were.

Dear leaves in the garden,  It is a mystery that we have piles of leaves in the garden from trees that aren’t anywhere near us.

Have a good Friday everyone.





A chocolate offer hard to resist

It was difficult to pass this display of chocolates from around the world without taking up the offer of a free sample (or two).  I can report that they were all very tasty, but my preference was for the chocolate from Brazil.  I might have had to try several pieces of each type before coming to that decision…

San Diego Old Town Historic Park, Nibble Chocolate

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Friday letters – the slightly exasperated edition

Dear self,  Why on earth did you think it was a good idea to go to the supermarket on a Thursday during half term?  Not only were the usual ‘old people’ out doing their traditional Thursday shopping, but so were lots of mums and children.  My shopping took twice as long as normal as I negotiated the groups of people, laden trollies and children running amok.  Take note for the next time the school children are on holiday.

Dear people who cancel appointments at the last minute,  You are quite annoying.

Dear California,  I am missing your blue skies and sunshine.  Since I got home we have had some dull, dreich weather, although today is bright and sunny, so perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining too much.

Dear British Airways,  You did slightly better on the return flight from California.  The food was better and the cabin staff in my section were delightful and very accommodating.  I don’t think I mentioned the cabin staff in my last letter to you, but on the outward flight they were lacking a bit of enthusiasm I have to say.

Dear Great British Bake Off,  I can’t believe we only have one more week to go!  What gentle soothing programme am I going to watch now?

Dear autumn, You are well and truly on your way I see.

That’s it for the letters this week – have a good Friday everyone.