I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the wet weather edition

Dear well known coffee shops, When you order a coffee, you can pay for an extra shot of coffee in your cup to make your coffee stronger.  Why does it not work in reverse?  Why is it that, when I ask for a one shot medium latte (the norm is to put two shots in a medium size cup), I do not get charged less?  Could I, theoretically, go into your shop with a friend who likes extra strong coffee and ask for the shot that I am not having to be put into their cup instead without them being charged extra?

Dear well known coffee shops,  Yes, another letter to you!  Why can you not get yourselves organised and all call the different sized cups the same thing?  It’s very confusing for the poor person like me who uses different coffee outlets.  Suppose I just want a small cup of coffee – should I ask for a small, a tall, a regular or a primo?  Maybe I’d like the next size up, but I can never remember if that’s the regular, the venti or the medio.  For the biggest cup of coffee maybe I need to ask for large, or is it grande, or maybe it’s a massimo.  Can’t you just call them small, medium and large, or maybe smallest, middle sized and biggest?  It would make my life a lot simpler!

Dear weather gods,  Thank you for the beautiful weather you provided for my drive up to Scotland last week.  The sun shone and the sky was blue which makes it almost a pleasure to drive from the Lake District onwards.  I was in a bit of a quandary – should I take my time so that I could enjoy the views, or should I make the most of the quiet roads and get to my destination as quickly as possible.  The same cannot be said for my return journey earlier this week.  You provided lovely weather in Scotland and for the first couple of hours of my driving in England but after that I was not at all impressed by the heavy grey skies and the rain which caused a lot of spray on the road.

Dear contents of the ironing basket,  I see you are at it again – multiplying when my back is turned.

Dear pile of books waiting to be read,  I am feeling very pleased with myself because you are looking quite a bit smaller!  Just recently my speed of reading has NOT been overtaken by my speed of buying new books.

Dear self, You’ve got lots to do today, so get on with it!


Friday letters – the early May edition

Dear sunshine,  It’s nice to see you this morning.

Dear Afternoon Tea,  I am looking forward to you this afternoon.

Dear grass,  You are at it again!  Growing.  Slow down please.

Dear local school boys,  Please put your litter into your pocket rather than dropping it on the ground.  The breeze seems to blow it into our garden regardless of where it is dropped.  Perhaps I am blaming you unfairly for ALL of the rubbish that appears behind our wall, but I know you are responsible for quite a lot of it as you make your way to your sports fields in your lunch break.

Dear agapanthus plants,  I am very pleased that you have all survived another winter and are starting to grow again.  Hopefully you will put on a good show this year.


Friday letters

Dear weather gods,  You’ve been working very  hard for the last ten days.  You must be exhausted from providing us with all this variety – hail storms, snow showers, bright sunshine, rain showers, light frost, light breezes and fierce winds to name just a few.  Perhaps you would like to have a rest now and let us enjoy some gentle, settled, preferable sunny weather this weekend.

Dear fellow bloggers,  Having been without unlimited internet access for a week I have fallen very far behind with my reading.  I’m not ignoring you – I just haven’t had the opportunity to do lots of online reading.  I’m back to full  internet capabilities now so I’m looking forward to catching up.

Dear self,  Stop sitting with your elbow on the table and your chin resting in your hand while you are reading on the laptop – you know you will end up with a painful neck.

Dear neighbour,  Your clematis (clematis montana I think) is looking lovely and I am enjoying the benefits of it cascading over our fence.  There is something else there too which might be honeysuckle, but it isn’t flowering yet so I have that to look forward to.


Friday letters

Dear Prime Minister,  Well, that was a surprise announcement – a snap general election in June!

Dear Trebor Soft Mints,  Why are you so easy to eat, and more-ish?

Dear disposable gloves,  What a great idea you are – ideal to wear when preparing chicken, or chopping onions.  I hate the smell that slicing and chopping onions leaves on my fingers, so you are the perfect solution.

Dear Marks and Spencers,  Thank you for providing free WiFi in your cafes – it very useful.  However, can I suggest that you turn your air conditioning down a touch, please – it cools my coffee down too quickly.

Dear red squirrel,  How exciting to see you at the weekend when I was walking in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs area.



Friday letters – the Easter edition

Dear supermarkets,  It’s a struggle to see any shelves that are not displaying Easter goodies.  Surely you cannot expect to sell that quantity of Easter eggs by the end of this weekend?

Dear ironing board,  You look so much better now that you have a new cover.

Dear garden,  You are looking greener and greener with every day that passes.  The leaves appearing on the trees is one of my favourite times of the year – everything is looking fresh and clean.

Dear cyclist wearing dark clothes and with no lights on your bike,  I think we both had a narrow escape the other night when I turned out of a narrow side road into another fairly narrow road lined with parked cars. That was one moment where I thought I might have preferred you to have been on the pavement rather than on the road – I know I normally complain about that.  If you are going to do the right thing and ride on the road, you need to have lights on your bike during the hours of darkness.

Dear weather,  It would be nice if we could have a repeat of last weekend’s beautiful weather this weekend.  Please?

Dear readers,  Happy Easter.


Friday letters – the early April edition

Dear April,  You’re here already – how did that happen?

Dear sunshine,  Thank you for starting this morning off with some of your bright loveliness.

Dear apostrophes,  I heard on the news this week that someone in the Bristol area is correcting your misuse on signs.  He goes out under cover of darkness with a supply of made to measure apostrophes and his specially crafted ‘apostrophiser’ and rights the wrongs.  What a hero!

Dear ‘law-abiding citizen’,  Did you really think I would fall for your friendly email telling me that you had received, by mistake, personal information about me that might fall into the wrong hands?  At first I was curious as to how you could have my email address and home address, but as I read on and got to the bit about opening the attached document to see exactly what you had received, using the password you provided, the alarm bells were ringing loud and clear.  I know I am not alone in receiving one of your public spirited messages, so I really hope that everyone did as I did and deleted you straight away.

Dear birds,  I’m sorry the bird bath was empty for a couple of days, but it’s full again so please come and enjoy it.


Friday letters – the final March edition

Dear sparrows,  I’m glad that you have finally found your way into the back garden – I wonder what took you so long?  It seemed odd to me that for years you confined yourselves to the front of the house, when tempting feeders and a bird bath were available for you at the back.

Dear grass,  Finally, we had a couple of dry days in a row and you received your first cut of the year. You are looking so much better and I hope you feel better too.

Dear books,  I am feeling very pleased with myself – two books read from the pile and no new ones added, although the intention was that one would have been.

Dear Amazon,  Why tell me that a book is available to buy now for next day delivery and then wait until I have clicked to buy it before telling me that you have no idea when it will be available for delivery?  That was two weeks ago, and I am running out of time to read it before my next book club meeting.  As soon as I have finished writing these letters I will be cancelling the order and buying it in my local bookshop.

Dear local bookshop,  I’m so sorry that I didn’t order a book from you but decided to buy it from Amazon instead.  I will be popping in to see you tomorrow and I hope you will forgive me and still serve me despite my selfish behaviour, thinking that it would be cheaper, and quicker, buying it online.

Dear self,  Support local bookshops – what were you thinking?