I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Friday letters – the last August edition

Dear August,  We are nearly at the end already!  That’s hard to believe.

Dear birthday,  Surely it isn’t a whole year since I celebrated my last one?  Another thing that is hard to believe.

Dear weather, Thank you for being kind to us last weekend when we were celebrating two birthdays.  It’s always so much better when the sun shines and you can get outside.

Dear baby goldfinches,  I am so sorry that I didn’t have my camera handy when you were having a splash around in our birdbath.  You were the most bedraggled things I have seen for a long time, but you looked like you were having great fun.

Dear Victoria and Albert Museum,  On Monday I made my first visit, and  I can’t work out why I haven’t been before.  Now I feel I have a lot of time to make up!  I wasn’t prepared for how lovely it is inside, and how interesting the exhibits are. I think you might also win the prize for the coffee shop with the grandest decor.


Happy Friday everyone!



Friday letters – the second Olympics edition

Dear Olympics,  Once again, as happened four years ago, I have found myself watching far more sport in the space of a few days than in the previous four years put together!  I think what I like is that there is such a wide variety of things that I would not normally watch, and it’s nice to get a snapshot of so many different activities.  You were also a great way to spend the evenings with my mum – discussing the finer points of gymnastics, diving, tennis and especially the cycling from the velodrome.

Dear equestrian events,  Shouldn’t the horse also receive a medal?

Dear Andy Murray,  There were a few heart-in-the-mouth moments, but what a fantastic achievement to retain your Olympic gold medal for the men’s singles.

Dear Team GB,  Well done everyone – it’s been an amazing medal haul so far, and I think we might also be very high up in the ‘almost got one’ tables too.

Dear Rio,  It is such a shame that there are so many empty seats at most of the events, especially when I think about how hard it was to get a ticket for anything at the London games.  It was great, however, to see such a big turn-out lining the streets for the Triathlon.

Dear weather,  I’ve really enjoyed the last few days of warm sunshine, and I suppose I should accept that the grass needs the rain that’s arrived now, but it doesn’t need too much, thank you.


Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the Olympics edition

Dear August,  Already?  How did that happen?

Dear Olympics,  I can’t believe it is four years since you were here in London, and wherever we went we seemed to be enveloped in a fantastic carnival atmosphere.  The opening ceremony is tonight and it’s going to be interesting to see it after the magnificent spectacle of last time.

Dear Andy Murray,  Good luck –  both in the flag carrying, and your matches!  No pressure, but it would be nice if you could win gold again.

Dear fox,  I saw you – creeping into the garden from under the hedge, with your beady eye on all the birdsLuckily the birds sensed you and scarpered before you could pounce.

Dear TV weather forecasters,  I find it odd that you usually start your broadcast by telling us what weather we are either experiencing currently, or have just had.  We know that!  We have lived with it!   What we want is a forecast – a prediction, something that is telling us what is on its way, not what has already been!


Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the mid July edition

Dear Ireland,  You certainly know how to put on a fantastic wedding celebration.  That’s the first time I have been to a wedding that lasted for four days!

Dear County Kerry,  What a beautiful part of the world you are.

Dear readers,  Sadly I am still very behind in my reading and commenting.  I am blaming the lovely trip to Ireland for that but now that we are home again I am hoping to do some catching up.

Dear pigeons,  Well, that’s it, there will be no more of you falling down our chimney after next week – we are getting a cover put on it.  Will you never learn?  Another one of you fell down yesterday, but this time I am a bit concerned that there is not going to be a happy ending because we haven’t heard any noises for about 18 hours now and nothing has appeared in the fireplace.

Dear Japanese anemones,  You are one of my all time favourite flowers and I am so happy to see that this year’s blooms are starting to appear.

Japanese anemone

Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the tennis edition

Dear last seven days,  I am sure you have flown by much faster than usual. 

Dear ants,  You are tricky little things, aren’t you?  Just when I thought I had dealt with those of you who appeared in my kitchen earlier in the week, another army turned up.  You lulled me into a false sense of security by hiding for a day before coming out in force again.  I suppose the plus side of your visit is that my kitchen cupboards, drawers and worktops are now sparkling clean.

Dear readers,  I’m sorry that I’ve not been keeping up at all with reading your blogs, never mind commenting on them but, as ever, I am hoping to have more time soon.

Dear Wimbledon,  Wednesday afternoon was particularly tense with two men’s matches which could have gone the wrong way (from my point of view).  First of all Federer looked as though he might be beaten, and then the same with Murray.  My heart was in my mouth.  I had to leave the room at one point it was so tense.  Today is the men’s semi finals and I am hoping for good matches, with Murray getting through to the final of course.  I hope you can arrange that for me.

snoopy tennis

Happy Friday everyone!


Having your say


The result of the referendum on Thursday, to see whether the United Kingdom should remain part of the European Union, was not what most people seem to have expected, and we now find ourselves at the start of a process which will see us leaving.  Yesterday was a very sad day in many parts of the UK for many different reasons and life is going to be difficult for many people, whether they voted to remain or leave.  However, it is done now and we must move on and make the best of the situation.  I’m glad I am not the one having to sort it all out.

Here is Snoopy to try and cheer things up.


I hope you have a good Saturday whatever you have planned.  I am going out later to celebrate the upcoming weddings of two colleagues (not to each other) and the sun is shining!

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Six Words on Sunday


I really should have kept quiet about it yesterday because about an hour into the Carnival/dog show the rain came on.  At first it was a few gentle spots (and the people who came prepared with umbrellas and waterproofs made use of them) but then it got heavier and heavier and people started to head off home.  In the end the dog show was halted for a while until conditions improved.  When it had eased to just being heavy rain rather than torrential rain, proceedings got under way again and the hardy people who braved the downpours enjoyed the rest of the show and displays.  It finally stopped just as the last group of dogs was being judged and stayed dry for a while to allow everything to be packed up.  We had heavy rain overnight and for most of the morning today.  That will teach me to say anything about the weather!