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Stay back – you have been warned!

A pelican on the pier at Oceanside, California.

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A wintery walk beside Loch Achray

Sitting here in California’s warm sunshine and blue skies, I finally find myself with enough time to write a post about a walk we went on one afternoon during the Christmas break, when the temperature was quite different from what I’m experiencing today, although the blue sky was the same.

Loch Achray is in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and we approached it along a path accessible from The Byre Inn in the village of Brig o Turk.  The Byre is a great place for a fortifying drink before setting off on your walk, or for a tasty meal or warming drink by the log fire after your walk (or both!).

Following the path we walked across the bridge over Black Water and through the farm.  This chimney pot looks as little bit precarious!

Snow covered Ben Venue is in the distance as the loch comes into sight.

From the water’s edge we could see the small Trossachs Church on the other side of the loch.  The church was completed in 1849 and is still in use today.

We decided to turn back at this point as the light was soon going to start fading and we wanted to get back to our starting point before dark.

Nearly back at the Byre Inn again, some Highland cows wandered through the trees to get a closer look – maybe just curious, but perhaps they thought we’d brought them some dinner.

The sun was dropping lower and lower as we approached the 18th century Brig o Michael which would take us over Black Water and to the end of our walk.

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Mr Squirrel evades photographer once again

Unusual-Ears the squirrel (who I mentioned here) appeared in my garden again last week, enjoying some of the suet nibbles I had put down for the birds, and digging around in some flower tubs.  I rushed to get my camera for what I felt was the perfect opportunity to get a good photo of him.  Sadly, he was too quick and I failed to get a decent shot of his strange ears…

Another attempt …

And again…

Oh well – I tried.

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Busy garden – return of the birds

It’s so nice to see lots of birds back in the garden again.  For many weeks it has been almost deserted but this morning they were there, in large numbers, so I topped up the feeders and removed the ice from the bird bath and I am hoping that this is the return to normality after a very quiet time in the feathered friends department.  The squirrels have been busy too and, as usual, their antics on the ‘squirrel proof’ bird feeders are amusing.

I was so busy watching them that I forgot to get my camera out, so here’s a few photos from earlier this year.

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Early November walk by the canal

Late afternoon on a sunny day in early November seemed like the perfect opportunity for a stroll in the park and along by the canal.

Walking up the path towards the canal bridge, there are signs of autumn on the ground, but there are still plenty of green leaves on these trees.

I took a brief detour to look at the site of an old, small watermill, which you can’t usually access, but water levels were low and so I could get over to it.

I then resumed my usual route, crossing the canal bridge first before walking along the tow path.


The autumn colours were glowing in the late afternoon.

This large watermill has been turned into apartments.

On my way back now and this narrow boat owner had decided it was chilly enough to light the fire.

I don’t blame him – I was headed home for a warming drink.

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Hovering around on a sunny day

Marmalade hoverfly on Gazania flower

It was lucky that this hoverfly was taking its time on the flowers yesterday, and wasn’t bothered about me being very close to it, which gave me the chance to focus my camera and get a decent shot.

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Hope you have a good weekend.