I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Sunset – a good time to surf?

This surfer had just arrived at the beach, ready for a sunset surfing session.  I didn’t think the waves looked particularly high, but what do I know…

Fletcher Cove, California

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She sees seagulls on the seashore

Fletcher Cove

Since arriving in the San Diego area, we’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to visit some of the many beaches that we have on our doorstep.  Quiet, well behaved seagulls have been present at each one.  I can call them seagulls here, unlike the ones we have at home in suburban south east England which have never seen the sea and which we now refer to as plain gulls.  The ones at home were often noisy too – perhaps because they are cross that there was no beach for them!

Carlsbad State Beach

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Mr Squirrel evades photographer once again

Unusual-Ears the squirrel (who I mentioned here) appeared in my garden again last week, enjoying some of the suet nibbles I had put down for the birds, and digging around in some flower tubs.  I rushed to get my camera for what I felt was the perfect opportunity to get a good photo of him.  Sadly, he was too quick and I failed to get a decent shot of his strange ears…

Another attempt …

And again…

Oh well – I tried.

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Busy garden – return of the birds

It’s so nice to see lots of birds back in the garden again.  For many weeks it has been almost deserted but this morning they were there, in large numbers, so I topped up the feeders and removed the ice from the bird bath and I am hoping that this is the return to normality after a very quiet time in the feathered friends department.  The squirrels have been busy too and, as usual, their antics on the ‘squirrel proof’ bird feeders are amusing.

I was so busy watching them that I forgot to get my camera out, so here’s a few photos from earlier this year.

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A look back at wonderful poppies

As today is the 11th of November I thought I’d look back at some photos I took when I visited the amazing display at the Tower of London two years ago.  I was lucky enough to be able to buy one of the poppies from that display and it is now making a small display of its own in my garden.

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A chocolate offer hard to resist

It was difficult to pass this display of chocolates from around the world without taking up the offer of a free sample (or two).  I can report that they were all very tasty, but my preference was for the chocolate from Brazil.  I might have had to try several pieces of each type before coming to that decision…

San Diego Old Town Historic Park, Nibble Chocolate

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