I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


A quiet walk

This golden topped gateway in Encinitas tells us that we are at Swami’s Self-Realisation Fellowship Temple.

Just round the corner, in the side road, is the entrance to Swami’s Meditation Gardens, which are open to the public every day of the week, except Monday.  The gardens are small, but with a fantastic view over the ocean.  We can spend as long as we like on our walk here, pausing on one of the benches to admire the scenery, or maybe finding a shady spot to sit and read a book for a while.  So, I’ll leave you to go round at your own pace and enjoy a peaceful time.

First we come to the steps, taking us up into the gardens.

Then it is a short meander to the edge of the gardens and the magnificent ocean views.

This might be a good time to sit on one of the many benches that are around the gardens.

When it’s time to move one, there are plenty of beautiful plants to catch the eye

We come to a shady path

Which leads us to a series of koi ponds linked by small streams with the restful sound of water to enhance the calm atmosphere.

The path through the gardens is nearly at its end, but not before we pass this rather intriguing plant.

And that’s it – I hope you enjoyed the walk, whether it was long or short, and feel refreshed and revitalised.

If you would like to join in with another walk, Jo has some lovely ones to offer.



Finishing the challenge where I started (Roof Squares #30)

My first roof square was from Barcelona and so is this last one (I could probably have done all 30 days of the challenge using Barcelona roofs, but decided to diversify a bit!).  This is the roof of the Porters’ Lodge at Park Guell – another place designed by the inventive and innovative Antoni Gaudi.  The patterns and colours are created using small, irregular mosaic pieces – the detail is just amazing.

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Friday letters – the Roof Squares #29 edition

Dear local bank, It is so nice to be greeted with a cheery “good morning/afternoon” as I enter your banking hall.  I also appreciate that I can speak to someone without a glass partition between us, and that your staff will happily fill in the forms/slips I require without any suggestion that I should have known which one I needed and have completed it already before approaching the desk. I just thought you’d like to know.

Dear San Diego Highland Games,  Thank you for a very pleasant afternoon’s entertainment last Sunday.  The warm sunshine was just perfect for enjoying some sheepdog trials, pipe band competitions, music and ‘heavy athletics’.  I wasn’t quite sure what heavy athletics were going to be, but they turned out to be the traditional tossing the caber and hammer throw.  There was also an event which the announcer told us was the ‘sheep throw’ for which the contestants had to use a large pitch fork to throw a heavy-ish filled sack over a high bar.  I couldn’t imagine why, historically, men would have been throwing sheep around, and certainly not over increasingly high bars, until I saw the sign announcing that this was the SHEAF throw – presumably a competition that developed amongst farm workers during harvesting times.  I also enjoyed the live bands that were playing traditional and experimental Celtic music and wished I could have heard a bit more.  It was a a great opportunity for me to relish my heritage – although in the whole afternoon I heard only two other Scottish voices, which surprised me.  It was also good to enjoy the games in dry weather as most of the other Highland Games I have been to have been in damp and misty conditions.  I’m looking forward to next year’s games already.

Dear ‘fs’ versus ‘ves’,  When I was a young girl at school we were taught that the plural of roof was rooves, horses had hooves and Snow White met seven dwarves.  These days I will always write hooves and dwarves, but for some reason rooves looks wrong. I’m not sure why that should be – any ideas?

Dear Becky,  After today there is just one more day of your fun roof square challenge to go.  I’m already wondering what your next one is going to be.

Dear Monterey,  On our recent roadtrip we stopped off for lunch in your Cannery Row area and really enjoyed it.  The area is delightful and the ambience very welcoming.  It’s a great place just to stand and watch the ocean (and see two sea otters, which was very exciting!) or to sit on a bench and watch the world go by.  I wish we had been staying for longer.

A Monterey seagull watching the world going by.

Have a good Friday everyone.

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A prickly collection on the roof (Roof Squares #23)

The roof garden at the Getty Center in Los Angeles is covered with hundreds of cacti of different shapes and sizes.  There is a raised walkway from which you can admire the plants, but no access to walk amongst them, however I can’t imagine wanting to get up close and personal with these prickly customers.

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