I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Roof Squares #27

A selection of miniature roofs/rooves today – buildings, train carriages, water tower and… does a bridge have a roof?  Probably not.

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A prickly collection on the roof (Roof Squares #23)

The roof garden at the Getty Center in Los Angeles is covered with hundreds of cacti of different shapes and sizes.  There is a raised walkway from which you can admire the plants, but no access to walk amongst them, however I can’t imagine wanting to get up close and personal with these prickly customers.

Today I am linking with Six Word Saturday and Becky’s #RoofSquares.



Friday letters – the Roof Squares #22 edition

Dear local swimming pool,  I have written to you before, but I feel I must write again to congratulate you on providing me with a very interesting morning yesterday.  I went to swim a few lengths/laps in the warm, smaller pool, to try and increase my fitness, and was surrounded by such a wide range of people using the pools that I barely noticed the time passing, and lost count of how many lengths I did.  There were a few like me who were in their lane swimming up and down in the normal fashion.  Then there were the people who had paddles strapped to their hands and snorkels, so that they could move at speed through the water without lifting their heads for breath.  There were two ladies of quite advanced years who were putting me to shame with their style and ablility to slice through the water.  There was a man who was walking – yes, walking: he had his earphones in with his ipod/phone strapped to his arm as he strode powerfully through the chest high water.  I noticed when he climbed out that he was wearing shoes.  There were children larking around with their friends, others diving in and jumping off the high board. – all happy that the long summer break has started.  There were mums and dads sitting in the sun watching their children from the comfort of the pool chairs and chatting with their friends.  But my favourite user of the pool was the swimming teacher who had her two small pupils in the lane next to me and was encouraging them to swim breastroke with shouts of “Chicken, rocket, aeroplane!  Chicken, rocket, aeroplane! Chicken, rocket…”.  The time flew by as I was entertained by those around me.

Dear new book club,  You are a completely different kettle of fish from the last one, and I enjoyed the friendly get-together very much.  You are definitely much more my style and the fact that lunch is involved too is a bonus.

Dear Becky,  Today’s offering for your challenge is a bit of a hastily taken photo I’m afraid – no finesse, but I took it quickly through a wound down car window as we slowed down at an intersection.

Dear Fowey bus stop,  I think you win the prize for the most comfortable bus stop I have seen.  Whoever thought of putting in a couple of comfy chairs, some cushions, decorative plants and reading material certainly had the right idea. Waiting for a bus can sometimes be a long and boring process.

Have a good Friday everyone.

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