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Blue morning skies and wispy clouds

Carlsbad State Beach, California

Carlsbad State Beach, California

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Friday letters – the it’s February already edition

Dear four way stop signs at intersections,  You are a very useful arrangement (dare I say you might actually be better than a roundabout in some cases?) and I think it’s great that when traffic lights stop working, or are flashing red, all the drivers immediately revert to behaving according to your rules rather than there being some sort of free-for-all.

Dear birds,  I looks like spring might be in the air?  There’s lots of pairing up going on, so I wonder how long it’s going to be before we see chicks.

Dear Aqua Fit instructor,  I’m so sorry that you have lost your voice and had to conduct yesterday’s class using sign language (though it seemed to go very well).  However… perhaps you shouldn’t have been shouting and singing quite so loudly at the Elton John concert on Tuesday night!

Dear Self,  Well done for reading 36 books in 2018.  Updating the ‘Books I’ve Read’ page tells me that 2018 was a record year – your previous best was thirty one books in 2016.  Keep up the good work – there’s still a big pile of unread books waiting for you.

Dear cheese,  I am feeling the benefits of not eating quite so much of you – although it is hard when there is a tasty camembert in the fridge just waiting to be baked…

Have a good Friday – I hope your weather isn’t too wet/snowy/chilly/hot/dry.


Friday letters – the sunny San Diego edition

Dear weather,  Thank you very much for reading, and acting on, my letter last week.  From Saturday onwards the weather has been lovely in the San Diego area.  The UK delegates who arrived at the weekend to attend the annual conference were thrilled to be able to walk outside in blue skies and sunshine, with only a light jacket needed in the evening.

Dear planners of San Diego,  I have heard a rumour that you are demolishing Seaport Village, on the waterfront.  What a travesty if it turns out to be true!  It’s such a charming area, and very popular with tourists and locals alike with its little shops and restaurants.  I am hoping that there has been a miscommunication and the building of restaurants, shops and another hotel will be done on the presently unoccupied land near the water rather than having to do any demolition.

Dear Museum of Man, Balboa Park,  Well, when I agreed to go to your exhibition on cannbalism I had no idea just how interesting it would turn out to be.  It was quite thought provoking actually, as well as being educational.  We  spent a very interesting couple of hours there.

Dear themed 1960s/70s evening,  What a lot of fun you turned out to be with many people entering into the spirit of it and dressing in a selection of of outfits from those two decades.  I think all the people (about 75% of the total guest list) who didn’t dress up felt a little left out.

Dear San Diego hotel, I loved the view from our bedroom window and could happily have spent hours just watching the world go by, but there was coffee to be drunk and old friends to catch up with so I didn’t do as much of that as I could have coped with.

Have a good Friday – I hope your weather isn’t preventing you from doing the things you want/need to do.


Friday letters – the mid January edition

Dear time,   Are you sure that you aren’t going at double speed?  How can it be Friday already?  We’ve only just had a Friday.  I’d really appreciate it if you could slow down a little.

Dear weather,  Well, I have to say I am not impressed.  Every day for the last week we’ve had rain.  Not just a light shower, but all-guns-blazing torrential stuff, accompanied one night by thunder and lightning.  Yesterday I think it rained for the entire day – the sky was grey, the clouds were low, visibility was poor and it was just like being back home in Scotland.  The best word for you just now is dreich.  There are lots of people I know flying out from the UK this weekend to attend an annual conference here in San Diego, and I imagine they are expecting something much better than this.  Last year at this time we had lots of blue skies and warm temperatures, so it would be really nice if you could produce something similar again this year.

Dear family in the restaurant with two young boys,  I meant to write to you last week, or the week before, to say how good it was to observe a family enjoying a meal together and chatting to each other.  While mum and dad were perusing the menu your boys had a small, quiet toy each to play with at the table.  There was no loud electronic beeping, or phone/ipad propped up in front of the boys.  I just thought I’d like to tell you how nice it was to see you.

Dear people with phones,  It might just be me (though I suspect it isn’t) who thinks this, but when did it become acceptable to watch videos on your phone at full volume when sitting in a cafe, or on a train or similar public space?  I find it really annoying.  Surely that’s what earphones are for?

Dear memory lane,  I’ve enjoyed a quick trip along you this week when researching possible outfits for a themed 1960s/1970s evening next week.  I even got my photo albums out to check what I was wearing back then – there were some horrors (of hairstyle mainly) but also some reminders of happy times, and clothes I loved.

Have a good Friday – I hope your day has as many hours in it as you need.


Friday letters – the here and there edition

Dear airline companies,  I’d like to make a suggestion on the subject of loading passengers on to your planes.  As things are at the moment, the passengers with seats nearer the front of the plane are asked to board first followed by the people with the seats behind them and so on until the last group of passengers asked to board is the one sitting earest the back.  Surely it would make more sense for the passengers sitting nearer the back of the plane to board first and gradually board the other groups ending with the ones sitting nearest the front.  This way those who are sitting nearer the back of the plane do not have to stand in the passage ways while the people who are already on the plane sort their belongings out and put their bags and coats into the overhead lockers before taking their seats and allowing the standing passengers to pass. I’m sure a time and motion study would show that this is a much more time effective way of doing things as more people can be settling into their seats at the same time and fewer people would just be standing around waiting to get to their assigned place.  It would also mean that those sitting near the front of the plane (who have often paid a lot more to be sitting there) would not have to be subjected to the constant stream of passengers moving past on their way to seats further back and the airline staff who are dispensing welcome drinks to them would not be battling to get through the crowds with said drinks. 

Dear Somerset House, London,  Describing the Good Grief Charlie Brown exhibition as something that we should ‘allow an hour’ to look at was a gross misrepresentation of the amount of time it actually took.  Yes an hour might mean everything could be looked at, but if you wanted to read all the information on Schultz, read all the cartoons, reminisce at the collection of memorabilia, read one or two of the thirty paperpack cartoon books available for our enjoyment, watch the Peanuts film, watch the interview with Schultz himself, admire the artwork inspired by the cartoons and draw your own cartoons to add to a wall display, then an hour was quite definitely not enough time.  Even two hours was pushing it and then we didn’t have enough time to enjoy a drink in the Warm Puppy Cafe.  Having said that, it was a very enjoyable trip down memory lane for me, and I even learned a thing or two along the way.

Dear Brtish Airways,  I’d like to thank you for the slightly improved food offerings on my most recent flight.  There is, however,  still room for improvement, so don’t think you can rest on your laurels now.

Dear self,  The only way to eat an elephant is to take it one bite at a time, and this is how you are going to have to approach the long list of things that need to be done now that you have returned from a three week trip. 

Credit : savagechickens.com

Have a good Friday – I hope your day has as many hours in it as you need.


Reflective figures standing in the forest

The Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Aberfoyle, December 2018. Artist: Rob Mulholland

There are six mirrored figures here – very handily wearing festive hats so that we could spot them more easily!

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Friday letters – the first post of 2019 edition

Dear 2019, Hello and welcome. 

Dear man with the owl collection at Bowness on Windermere,  It was delightful to get the opportunity to hold a Little Owl.  I had no idea how little they actually are, and it was very tempting just to pop it into my pocket and take it away with me.  The Eurasian Eagle Owl was quite the opposite and would have been rather problematic both to hold, and to conceal about my person if I had wanted to take it.  I had no idea quite how large they actually are! Your display was a wonderful opportunity to see so many different owls together in one place.

Dear hotel near Ambleside in the Lake District, You really need to train your staff in what ‘dairy free’ milk means.  The young lady at the table next to me at breakfast asked for soya milk.  When that wasn’t available she asked if there was almond milk, or some other type of dairy free milk.  The members of staff who were trying to help said that they didn’t have either soya, or almond, but could offer semi-skimmed or skimmed milk if they would do.  The guest’s reply was rather politer than mine might have been at that point, considering that she had checked before booking her stay that her dairy free diet could be catered for.

Dear motorways of Great Britain,  Thank you very much for staying clear and trouble free for the journeys we’ve made since I last wrote to you.  I noticed a few traffic cones doing sterling work on the southern reaches of the M1, but they didn’t seem to be hindering the cars unduly, which was great. Three cheers for you.

Dear Loch Venacher,  You were looking good, and very full, when we passed you on our way south last week.  In this photo your skies look very dramatic, but thankfully the rain held off and we enjoyed mainly blue skies.

img_1842 (1)

Loch Venacher, Trossachs

Have a good Friday.