I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


weekly photo challege: glow

I couldn’t resist a sunset photo for this challenge.

IMG_5274 (2)Extra points for you if you spotted the helicopter before I mentioned it.

Weekly Photo Challenge



Friday letters – the cloudy edition

Dear clouds,  What are you doing in the sky?  I am in the San Diego area of California where there is supposed to be perfect weather.  Perfect weather, in my book,  does not include clouds – apart from maybe the odd artful, white whispy one which drifts across the beautiful blue sky, or light ones that appear in the evening to make the sunset more interesting.  Perfect weather certainly does not include cloudy skies which obscure the blue and block out the sun for over an hour at a time! There is even some suggestion that it might rain!  From a purely selfish point of view, with no regard at all for the fact that the region needs the water, I hope this is just a temporary state of affairs.

Dear tissues in the washing machine,  You are tricky little things, aren’t you? Where do you hide?  I check the pockets of items before I put them in the machine and then when the wash has finished there’s that tell-tale white stuff over all of the clothes.  You always seem to appear in a dark wash too.  I know that in a white wash you wouldn’t be so obvious, but I cannot think of a single occasion where I have discovered tissue covered washing after a white load.

Dear people watching videos on your phones,  Is this a new acceptable thing?  More and more I am hearing the sounds of people catching up on the news, sporting events, You Tube videos or ‘hilarious’ clips from friends in situations where you would normally expect things to be quite quiet – in a cafe or on the train for example.  When did it become ok to invade our lives with your entertainment? Use earphones!  It’s sometimes annoying to hear the tinny bass sounds emanating from someone’s earphones when they have their music too loud on the train, but at least they are making the effort to keep it to themselves.

Dear readers,  I have been a bit grumpy in these letters, so here’s a Snoopy cartoon to lighten things up.



Friday letters – the sun, sea and sand edition

Dear Californian blue skies and sunshine, You are a very welcome sight and I am enjoying basking in your warmth for a week or two.  There’s nothing much nicer than walking along a beach with the sun shining, the water sparkling and the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.

Dear fingers,  What is wrong with you today – you don’t seem to be able to type two words in a row without getting the letters in the wrong order, or missing some out completely.

Dear finger nails,  Just when I was congratulating myself on you being back to your usual strength, one broke, which is very annoying.

Dear hummingirds,  I wonder why you are called hummingbirds, when actually you make more of an electronic buzzing sound?  Perhaps buzzingbird doesn’t sound quite so good.

Dear self,  Why on earth did you forget to bring a camera on this trip?  Luckily a mobile phone takes quite decent photos these days, but I am really missing the zoom function of a camera.

Dear readers,  I hope you have a good Friday.



Friday letters – the unicorn edition

Dear time,  I think I might have mentioned this before, but where do you go?  One minute I seem to have plenty of you and then the next moment there’s very little left.  It’s a puzzle.

Dear oldest agapanthus plant,  What a fabulous year you have had this year, and I’m very sorry that I didn’t take a picture of you.  Having had a bad year least year with only a few flowers, and a previous best performance of about 30 flowers, this year you produced 59.  You were wonderful.  Your newer, younger, floral compatriots would do well to take a leaf out of your book and up their production – each of them only managed about 5 blooms I think.

Dear conkers,  My experiment last autumn of putting a few of you on the window sill in the porch seems to have added weight to the suggestion that you keep spiders away.  In the last year I have not seen a single spider there.  Recently I read in the newspaper that you contain some kind of oil, the scent of which spiders dislike, which maybe explains why you manage to keep them away.  I think I’ll be putting you in a few other places in the house now.

Dear British Airways,  I’m sorry to say that your in flight meals are possibly the worst I have ever tasted.

Dear unicorns,  I feel very sorry for you these days.  I’m not sure when you became associated with rainbow manes, rainbow tails and rainbow horns instead of white?  You also seem to have been turned into some kind of cute cartoon creature instead of the magnificent silvery white beast representing Scotland in the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom.  If I were you, I’d be creating a bit of a fuss.


Weekly photo challenge: layered

A delicious muffuletta in New Orleans.

A muffuletta is a traditional sandwich from New Orleans, created in 1906 at Central Grocery Company on Decatur Street.  The iconic grocery is still there, and that’s where we went to try this very filling delicacy.  Actually, this is a half muffuletta, and it was quite big enough for two of us to share. There are layers of olive salad, mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham and provolone.

Weekly Photo Challenge