I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


She sees seagulls on the seashore

Fletcher Cove

Since arriving in the San Diego area, we’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to visit some of the many beaches that we have on our doorstep.  Quiet, well behaved seagulls have been present at each one.  I can call them seagulls here, unlike the ones we have at home in suburban south east England which have never seen the sea and which we now refer to as plain gulls.  The ones at home were often noisy too – perhaps because they are cross that there was no beach for them!

Carlsbad State Beach

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Friday letters – the big move edition

Dear San Diego, California,  I hope you are ready for us, because Mr Indecisive and I have arrived and will be staying for two years.  It’s been in the planning for a while, but it’s finally happened and here we are… fasten your seatbelts.

Dear shipping company,  I would like to commend the three packers who came to our house for two days the week before last, for the excellent job they did in wrapping up the entire contents and loading them into a container.  I have never seen quite so much cardboard, brown paper and tape.

Dear container ship,  Please be careful with our wordly goods which are currently sailing the high seas on route from Southampton to Los Angeles.  I’d appreciate it if you made sure that our container remains firmly attached to the ship for the duration of the journey.

Dear weather,  I am enjoying your warm sunshine and blue skies which are such a change from the chilly, damp stuff we were having in England until recently.

Dear vehicle drivers at red traffic lights,  You are very patient when the traffic lights turn from red to green.  At home, if we don’t start moving the moment the lights change, other drivers will soon let us know that they are unimpressed by sounding their horn, often repeatedly, but here that doesn’t seem to happen and it makes driving anywhere a much more pleasant experience.

Dear beaches,  I am looking forward to many long walks.

It’s very busy at Fletcher Cove …


Friday letters – the productive week edition

Dear fellow bloggers,  A whole week has gone by and I don’t think I have managed to read any of your wonderful posts.  Maybe next week…

Dear sunshine,  It’s lovely to see you today.  It might be chilly outside, but having sunshine makes it all so much better. 

Dear hands,  Depsite the application of plenty of hand cream and the wearing of gloves for washing up, and when going outside you still seem to be very dry.  Perhaps you could drop me a line and let me know what else I can do.

Dear Ribena/hot blackcurrant drink,  You are just the thing on a chilly day – so much better than tea or coffee.  I think I am on to my 3rd cup already, and can imagine many more to come.

Dear mobile phone,  I’m sure your battery isn’t lasting as long as it used to, which is a bit inconvenient.

Dear various tradespeople who have been here this week,  It’s been a busy week, but a productive one.  Electricians, plumbers and fence repair people  – you have all done a good job.

Dear garden birds,  Where are you?  I went out early this morning and broke the ice on the birdbath and topped it up with some warm water.  I haven’t seen a single visitor to it.







Friday letters – the slightly late New Year edition

Dear readers, Happy New Year!  I hope it has started well for you.

Dear motorways,   Thank you for being clear for our journeys both north and south over the festive period – a bit wet or snowy in some places, but no hold ups.

Dear weather,  I’ve not been particularly impressed with your recent strong winds, which have resulted in us needing to replace about a quarter of our fence panels.  They coped with the prolonged stormy winds we had about two weeks ago then one day last week, there was one strong gust that came from nowhere, and down they came.

Dear red squirrels, You are definitely making a comeback in some areas of Scotland, and we really enjoyed seeing three of you in my sister’s garden, helping yourself from the feeders (squirrel friendly ones) and then rushing off to bury the spoils in the ground.  Her family are eagerly awaiting spring, when they imagine forests of hazel tree seedlings are going to appear.

Dear world,  Just a word of warning… Mr Indecisive and I are coming… More info to follow.

red squirrel




Friday letters – the it’s very nearly Christmas edition

Dear people,  Thank you for staying off the roads yesterday when I had to drive around doing a few errands. 

Dear car,  You look so much better now that you have had a wash and brush up.  Not that it was me that did it, of course, but the car wash people at the supermarket did a good job.

Dear supermarket,  I was very impressed by you yesterday.  The first thing that impressed me was the trolley-full of brightly wrapped Christmas chocolates which greeted your customers at the door, and the cheery ‘Merry Christmas’ that was called out to us as we were invited to take a chocolate.  I don’t know how many boxes of chocolates it took to fill the trolley but it was quite a sight! Then when it came to the checkouts, it’s a long time since I have had to wait such a short time!  Yes, the shop was busy, but you were dealing with it by having all the tills open.

Dear unusual eared squirrel,  It seems you are not alone.  On a walk through the park last weekend I  noticed lots of similarly eared squirrels.  Maybe you come from a very large family, or maybe you are from a breed that I have not seen before.  I’m going to have to do a little research when I have the time.

Dear motorways,  Please be nice and clear tomorrow for our drive north to spend Christmas with the family in Scotland.



Mr Squirrel evades photographer once again

Unusual-Ears the squirrel (who I mentioned here) appeared in my garden again last week, enjoying some of the suet nibbles I had put down for the birds, and digging around in some flower tubs.  I rushed to get my camera for what I felt was the perfect opportunity to get a good photo of him.  Sadly, he was too quick and I failed to get a decent shot of his strange ears…

Another attempt …

And again…

Oh well – I tried.

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Friday letters – the snow day edition

Dear snow,  You made quite an impression on the south east of England last Sunday, apparently the heaviest snow for seven years.  You did look lovely, I have to admit, and much fun was had by all in the local park.  The local children were all even more thrilled when their schools were closed for the day on Monday.  I’m not sure that the schools really needed to close – places where it snows regularly manage very well.  It always seems to catch us by surprise e  By Tuesday you were almost gone, but left slippery pavements as Monday’s melting snow froze overnight.  It made walking up the hill from my house a bit of slow affair as I picked my way from less slippery looking patch to less slippery looking patch.  You’ve gone now, but it was fun while it lasted.

Dear garden birds,  I’m glad I had recently filled up the feeders so that you could get plenty to eat when we had the snow.  It was good to see you.

Dear Christmas cards, I’m not hopeful that many of you are going to get written this year.  I’ve bought some (and then it turned out I didn’t need to as I had plenty left from last year) but when I will be finding the time to put pen to card I am not sure.

Dear shops,  A walk into town yesterday morning to get a couple of last minute items proved a lot less challenging than I had imagined.  There were lots of people, but no evidence of panic stations.

Dear camera,  After my letter last week, and a tip from Jude, your memory card is formatted, so you should be feeling much happier now, and as light as a feather now that hundreds (thousands?) of photos have been removed.

Dear old photos,   I’ve enjoyed a quick trip down memory lane this week while I was looking through some old photo albums (remember them?) looking for a couple of pictures that I wanted to include in a photo book that I was making.  One day I’ll sit and look at you properly.