I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Playing a beach side waiting game

These lifeguard towers are not in position, but are ‘parked’ between two beaches.  Are they retired, or waiting for the busy season perhaps?  And where is number 37?

Carlsbad, California

I’m posting this as part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.



A quiet walk

This golden topped gateway in Encinitas tells us that we are at Swami’s Self-Realisation Fellowship Temple.

Just round the corner, in the side road, is the entrance to Swami’s Meditation Gardens, which are open to the public every day of the week, except Monday.  The gardens are small, but with a fantastic view over the ocean.  We can spend as long as we like on our walk here, pausing on one of the benches to admire the scenery, or maybe finding a shady spot to sit and read a book for a while.  So, I’ll leave you to go round at your own pace and enjoy a peaceful time.

First we come to the steps, taking us up into the gardens.

Then it is a short meander to the edge of the gardens and the magnificent ocean views.

This might be a good time to sit on one of the many benches that are around the gardens.

When it’s time to move one, there are plenty of beautiful plants to catch the eye

We come to a shady path

Which leads us to a series of koi ponds linked by small streams with the restful sound of water to enhance the calm atmosphere.

The path through the gardens is nearly at its end, but not before we pass this rather intriguing plant.

And that’s it – I hope you enjoyed the walk, whether it was long or short, and feel refreshed and revitalised.

If you would like to join in with another walk, Jo has some lovely ones to offer.


A flower power walk

Today we are taking a walk through the Flower Fields at Carlsbad, California.  There is no need for stout walking shoes, or a backpack with wet weather gear, walking sticks, and a bottle of water in it for this outing, just a hat and perhaps some sun cream.

Every spring, for about ten weeks,  over 50 acres of rolling hillside overlooking the Pacific coast are turned into a multi coloured spectacle with the beautiful shades of thousands of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus.

I don’t think you need me to guide you through this walk, as it is a simple case of meandering at will up and down and along the wide paths between the blocks of flowers, but you will need to be ready to marvel at the expanse of it all as we go.  There’s no time limit for how long we can spend here, so wander at will and stop and gaze.  There are one or two spots where you can go in amongst the flowers and take an Instagram-worthy photo (and there will be plenty of people doing that!), or you can just sit on the bench and admire them.  As you go round you might notice people working in the rows of flowers, cutting them and making them into bunches to be sold in the little shop as you leave.

Look up the slope.

Look down towards the ocean.


I hope you enjoyed our colourful, floral meander.  If you would like to join some more walks, Jo has plenty on offer at Jo’s Monday Walks.



Friday letters – the square photo #2 edition

Dear Becky,  The photo for your square photo challenge is at the end of this post.  Today it is a circle within the square.

Dear girl with your nose in a book,  I was walking home from a visit to the park yesterday when I saw you about 100 yards away, heading towards me along with your younger brother, obviously on your way home from the nearby Elementary School.  At first I assumed you were looking down at your phone, as many young (and not so young) people seem to do these days.  As we got closer to each other, I saw that you were looking down because you were reading a book.  It was so nice to see that some youngsters are still avid readers.

Dear ducks,  Is the supermarket car park really the best place to live?  You are almost always there when I visit, so I think you must be residents.

Dear cyclists,  As you know, I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about how you ride around in the UK – wearing dark clothes, without any lights at night and often riding on the pavement.  When I first arrived here in California I was relieved to see that most of you wear bright coloured clothes and stick to the road or designated Bike Lanes.  Sadly, earlier this week I spotted (luckily, before I ran into her) a cyclist dressed in black, riding without lights.  I presume she was on holiday here from the UK.

Dear self,  Now that you have accepted the challenge to post a photo a day, you are going to have to get organised and plan ahead.  I hope you can manage it.

Sculpture from the garden at The Grove, Hertfordshire

March Square