I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


Weekly photo challenge: Smile


My mini daffodils (narcissi actually) in the blue pot always make me smile when they appear every year in late February.

Unfortunately I couldn’t transport them to California, but the friend who is fostering them for me sent a photo and reports that they are looking as lovely as usual this year.

Weekly Photo Challenge



Friday letters – the Spring is on its way edition

Dear blackbird,  It is so nice to hear you singing in the evenings.  It makes me feel that winter is over and Spring is just around the corner.

Dear lighter mornings and evenings,  I much prefer you over the dark mornings and evenings so I am very glad to see you.

Dear weather,  Thank you for such a lovely sunny day yesterday – it really helped with drying the laundry.  It’s always good to be able to dry things outside – another sign that the season is changing.

Dear daffodils/narcissi,  You are looking lovely, as always.  This morning I counted thirty three flower heads in this blue pot.


Friday letters

Dear traffic cones,  Driving back down the motorway earlier in the week, I saw that quite a number of you were having a nice pampering session at the side of the road – a bit of a hose down and a brush up.  Mind you, I’m not sure how long the benefits would last judging by the dirt that was being thrown up by all the passing traffic.  I felt a bit sorry for the cone I saw, all on its own, quite a few miles further on.  It was just sitting there on the hard shoulder, with a light on top of it, all alone – no roadworks, no dangerous item to warn motorists about, no obvious reason to be there – so I wondered if perhaps it had been badly behaved and had been sent off to think about its behaviour?

Dear Christmas mugs,  It’s nice to see you again.  All of our other mugs have been packed away so that you can enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Dear Christmas shopping,  I’m nearly finished!  I can hardly believe it considering that I only started a week ago.  It’s amazing what you can get done when you have a very restricted amount of time!

Dear daffodils,  I have just spotted you starting to appear in the little pot that’s been sitting near the back door since last spring (waiting for a decision to be taken about what to do with it).  You seem a bit early considering the very chilly weather we had recently. Actually, I am quite thrilled that you are appearing at all – I thought that pot had been ransacked by the squirrels. 



Friday letters – the back home edition

Dear California, You were very interesting, and have a stunning coastline.  I think we only scratched the surface by spending most of our time on the coast, so another time I would like to explore more of your state parks and inland areas.

Dear readers, I have been neglecting my blog-reading, but hope to catch up with you all now that I have returned from my trip.

Dear self, Get on with writing all those blog posts that are waiting to be written.

Dear film crews, I see you are filming around our neighbourhood again – if we were paid for every time you used our roads, blocked our parking spaces and temporarily stopped the traffic, we’d be rich!  I expect the local council is making a bit of money though.

Dear daffodils,  I went away and you were beginning to appear and I came home to find you all in full bloomLovely.

daffodil Feb 2016

Happy Friday everyone!


Friday letters – the solar eclipse edition

Dear solar eclipse,  What a shame we had solid cloud cover this morning and not even the slightest suggestion of you was visible.  It did go quite gloomy at the time when it would have been the greatest coverage, and the birds went very quiet, but that was all.  Luckily the TV coverage meant I could enjoy seeing what other parts of the UK were seeing.  The sun is now, of course, shining brightly when the last chance of seeing anything has passed!

Dear cherry blossom,  It’s nice to see you starting to appear on the trees now, especially the beautiful dark pink just across from our house.

Dear cough,  Goodbye – I am not sorry that you are finally leaving.

Dear bottom of the ironing basket,  I haven’t seen you for a while! After a couple of long ironing sessions, there you are! I suppose it won’t be long before you disappear again.

Dear daffodils,  I am really enjoying the fact that you are all out in full force now.

daffodil heads

Have a good Friday.


Friday letters – the daffodil edition

Dear first daffodil of Spring,  I’m really pleased to see you.

first daffodil

Dear crocuses,  I thought you were supposed to appear before daffodils?  Anyway, now that you are here it is very nice to see you too!

purple crocus

Dear roadworks,  I could hardly believe my eyes about 4 o’clock last Friday afternoon – you are finished!  Finally, after nearly a year of disruption, the newly reduced pavement width and larger parking bays outside the nearby shops are completed, and we can drive past (or even pull in and park!) without having to negotiate various bits of large machinery, piles of torn up tarmac and kerb stones, and large plastic red and white barriers.

Dear ducks,  I didn’t expect to see you on the school pond at the end of the school day yesterday – although I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised really.  I hope you stay around.

Dear lighter mornings and evenings,  You are a definite bonus as Winter departs and Spring arrives, and if the sun is shining, as it is this morning, that’s even better.

Have a good Friday everyone.


weekly photo challenge: Spring!

“For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you.”

I make no apology for sharing a photo which I have already posted this year, because this is what spring means to me – my mini daffodils in bloom.

raindrops on daffodils

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