I used to be indecisive…

…but now I'm not so sure


December square #31

To finish the December Square challenge here’s a photo of the sun going down at the end of a chilly December day. It’s the end of the month, the end of the square photo challenge and the end of the year, so it seems quite appropriate.

This year has just flown by, hasn’t it? I’ve packed a lot into it, thought, so I shouldn’t complain. Thank you Becky for hosting another fun photo challenge.  I’m still hoping to visit everyone who has taken part, but time is a bit short at the moment, so I’m not sure when I’ll do it – maybe by the end of next month I’ll have succeeded!

Happy New Year everyone!



December at last

Now that it is the first of December I can finally stop all the “It’s far too early, it’s only September/October/November!” comments that I have been making over the last three months.  The beginning of December is acceptable for the Christmas-ness to begin and I am beginning with our traditional advent calendar.

advent calendar 2015This year is the calendar’s 30th Christmas!  Thirty!  It’s hard to believe.  I made it myself (although Mr Decisive helped at the end so that it could be finished in time for our first Christmas after we were married!) and it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.  It is beginning to show a tiny bit of wear and tear now, but nothing major thank goodness – I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have it.

In addition to that calendar, my friend has sent me another lovely advent calendar card again this year, which I will enjoy opening every day.

advent card 2015

Today’s picture is a little owl.

advent owl

The boxes of Christmas ‘stuff’ have been retrieved from storage and today I will be getting out the festive tea towels, mugs, cushions, aprons, throws, candles and CDs.  Now that December is here I have no problem with embracing the festive spirit (although I won’t be putting up the tree for a while) so here we go …


the countdown begins…

It must be December – there are two advent calendars in the house.

First is our traditional one, which has come out every year since we have been married (this is its 29th year) and has a small gift for every day of advent.

tapestry advent calendar

I don’t get to open any of the gifts, because it is me who prepares it, but luckily my friend has sent me another lovely advent card this year.  There are little windows to open each day, each revealing a beautifully painted picture.

advent card

On Monday the Christmas CDs, mugs, glasses, tea towels, aprons, cushions, throws and candles were all brought out of storage and are being used.  Now that December is here I am aware that I had better get on with things and start being organised – writing cards, buying presents, doing some Christmas baking etc.  I can’t say ‘Oh it’s far too early to be thinking of Christmas.’ any more!


a tale of two advent calendars

I am feeling very pleased with myself this morning because I managed to post something every day in November.  Hooray!  So now here we are in December and it’s time to embrace Christmas and accept that it is nearly here (no more complaints of festive things being in the shops before summer was over, or Christmas music being played at the start of November).

To start things off I have changed to a festive theme for my blog.  I was pleased to see that this theme was still available as I really liked it last year.

The next thing to do is to hang up the Advent calendar.  Actually I have two Advent calendars this year.  Here’s the one I have used every Christmas since we got married (28 years now – I presume my medal must have got lost in the post because I haven’t received it yet) with a little gift on it for each day.

tapestry advent calendar

Of course, it’s not me who gets to open any of the gifts, because I put them there, but this year (and last year too) I have a little advent calendar of my own.

The second advent calendar is a very pretty Christmas card which my friend sent me.  The windows on the buildings are numbered and open up – one for each day until Christmas Eve.

advent Christmas card

The detail in the painting is lovely.

Christmas advent card

Now I need to go and look out the tea towels, crockery and other bits and bobs of Christmassy loveliness, not forgetting my Christmas CDs.  When I have done that I will have to set my mind to the serious task of present shopping – it’s not just the buying of the presents I have to do, it’s the thinking of what to buy (my brain is hurting already, just thinking about it)!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.  🙂


well I’m still here then

I like these explanations for why we are all still here on December 21st 2012!

mayan calendar

I’m glad the world hasn’t ended because all my Christmas preparations would have been completely pointless!

Of course, I realise the day isn’t over yet, so it might still hap ………….


seasonal clothing – who decides what is sold when?

I don’t understand why some clothing items are only sold seasonally.  I agree that sometimes there is a point – in the winter season we might want to buy scarves, gloves, earmuffs, sparkly party dresses, warm fur-lined boots – although sometimes I suppose we also need these in Britain in the so called summer.  In the summer (if we get one) we might need strappy dresses, sun hats and sandals, but why, I ask, are ladies’ black cargo/combat trousers a seasonal item?

men's cargo pants 6511

cargo pants 6511 (Photo credit: May Lee213)

I have scoured the local shops for a pair but there are none to be found.  Apparently they are not a winter necessity.  My argument is – what about the people who need them all year round, for work for example? It is for this very reason that the search is on – my daughter needs them.  Who has decided that no-one will want to go to a shop and buy black cargo/combat trousers in November or December??  They are available on the internet, but that is not my point.  I think they are a fairly basic item of clothing, which should be in the shops all year round.

It’s the same with swimsuits.  Apparently we only need to buy them in the spring and summer.  Do people not go swimming in the autumn and winter?  I don’t mean people who go on holidays to warm climates at this time, but what about recreational swimmers – what if they need a new swimsuit in October?  They’d have a very slim chance.

And another thing – this seems to happen mainly with summer clothes – why is it that, if by some great good fortune we actually get a warm and sunny summer, the shops have sold out of their summer stock in July?


six word saturday – december 1st



Our Advent calendar ready and waiting
photo © iusedtobeindecisive

Now that December is here I can relax, and no longer be irritated by the far to early Christmas music in shops, adverts on TV, Christmas displays in shop windows, town centre lights etc which seem to have been around since October.  We are now in the proper month for the lead up to Christmas and that is just fine by me.  Apart from hanging up our advent calendar, which I prepared last night and hung on the door, I will put out the Christmas mugs, crockery, tea towels and candles, and start playing Christmas music.

Saying I can relax isn’t entirely true though. I must now face the fact that I am not as well ahead with preparations as I wish I was.  I have to finish the Christmas shopping (ideas anyone?), write cards, send parcels to far flung family, tidy the spare room up in preparation for visitors, decide on Christmas menus, make mince pies …


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